If you want to start a blog about teen fashions you need to first make sure that you can be dedicated. You will need to regular update your blog. A teen fashion blog needs to have a lot of word content, especially when you first begin your teen fashion blog. If you have no articles then the search engines such as Google will not be able to find your teen fashion blog. If Google does not visit your teen fashion blog then nobody else will either.


Content is king with a teen fashion blog. You must write a lot of articles about teen fashions. You want to write in an entertaining way. You are writing your teen fashion blog for teenagers and not adults so you want to write in a way that teens will understand. Use current slang that is popular among teens but do not misuse the slang.

Teen FashionThe more quality posts you have on your blog the more Google will index your teen fashion blog. Google is where you will get the vast majority of your visitors so make sure that you have content with keywords that Google can find so that Google can send visitors to your teen fashion blog.

Be Aware Of Teen Fashion Trends

You need to always be on the look out. Anytime you are in public watch what the teens are wearing and snap pictures if you can. See what the current trends are by researching them online and then see if the teens in your area are following the current fashion trends.

An example of a teen fashion trend is the current one of wearing skinny jeans. If you sit at the mall and watch the people walk by you will see a lot of teens that hang out at the mall. Many of the mall rat teens will be more fashionable then other teens so the mall rat teens are usually great ones to watch to see what is fashionable by teens.


A teen fashion blog must have high quality pictures of current fashion trends as well as newly emerging fashion trends. You must always carry a high mega pixel camera with you so you can snap pictures of teens wearing current fashions. You just have images for a teen fashion blog to illustrate what your article is talking about.

Another benefit of adding pictures to you teen fashion blog is that you will eventually get more traffic from Google from people who are doing image searches.

Domain Name

If you truly want to have a popular teen fashion blog you must start with the basics. Buy a domain name. Which seems more legitimate?

  • teenfashionblog.blogspot.com
  • teenfashionblog.com


Hosting services are cheap. You can use a reputable and quality hosting company such as HostGator.com to host your teen fashion blog. Prices are extremely cheap. If your teen fashion blog begins to receive millions of page views a month you can easily upgrade to a dedicated server using HostGator.


You can either order a custom template made for your WordPress blog or you can buy a semi-custom blog template. Either way you need to make sure that the teen fashion blog looks hip and professional.

Blog Software

There are many blog platforms out there but WordPress is one of the best. It is free and with many hosts you can install it instantly. It is easy to upgrade the WordPress software and you can also change the templates easily.


If you are planning on getting rich with your teen fashion blog then you need to have a way to earn revenue on your blog. The easiest and most popular way is to sign up for Google Adsense. It is free. The more traffic you get to your teen fashion blog the more money you will make.

Word Of Mouth

You want to get teens to pass on your teen fashion blog URL to other teens.

FaceBook and Social Network Marketing

Teens are all on FaceBook so the best way to reach many of these teens who are interested in teen fashion is by networking with them on FaceBook. On FaceBook you can set up a fan page for your teen fashion blog and then get fans. Many of these fans will click over to your teen fashion blog to see what you have to say. If your teen fashion blog interests them they will bookmark the site and return to visit on a regular basis as long as you are constantly adding new content. If these visitors subscribe to your teen fashion blogs RSS feed you will also get many future visits from these RSS feed subscribers.


You want to enable your visitors to easily leave comments on each blog post. You need to scan the posts over to help weed out any spam posts. By allowing visitors to your teen fashion blog to leave comments you can help generate more page views. If a certain blog post generates a lot of comment activity you could see thousands and thousands of additional page views from readers who are returning to the same blog post so they can be a part of the conversation and follow along.

You Can Do It!

Running a teen fashion blog can be done by anyone but you must be dedicated. You must post new articles on a daily basis. You must be aware of current fashion trends for teens as well as new and emerging teen fashion trends. You must post quality pics. You must keep your teen fashion blog up to date.

You can make a lot of money with Google Adsense if you properly build, run, and manage a teen fashion blog. The money will not come fast. It will take a few years of dedication and hard work until you start seeing huge checks for thousand of dollars each month. Do not start a teen fashion blog if you have no interest in teen fashions. If you love teen fashions then go ahead and start a teen fashion blog. The money will slowly trickle in and then one day you will wake up and realize that you are earning an amazing amount of money each month with Google Adsense on your teen fashion blog. Image Credit: (WikiPedia)