Stuck trying to figure out how to write a wedding program?

Keep reading to learn how.

Wedding programs are not essential, but many wedding guests appreciate them because they are not only practical but they make wonderful mementos as well. Many people think they don't know how to write a wedding program, but it is easier than you think.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to write a wedding program that will outline the details of your ceremony and serve as a lovely keepsake for your guests to take home.

Things You Will Need

Stationary for Wedding Program

Step 1

When deciding how to write a wedding program, you must decide how much information to include. Jot down all of the relevant information concerning your ceremony, and then put the details in order.

The quantity of information included in the program will also determine the style of the program. A small amount of information will fit on a single sheet of paper or even a 5x7 card. A lengthy ceremony with a large wedding party may require a larger style of program, such as a tri-fold (brochure style) or a small booklet.

Step 2

Start with the title, which will consist of your names followed by the date and location of the ceremony. Next, list any events, including songs and readings in the order that they occur. In religious ceremonies, you may want to briefly explain any rituals that may occur, for the benefit of any guests who may be unfamiliar with your type of ceremony. Next, identify all of the members of your wedding party, the person performing the ceremony and the parents of the bride and groom.

You may also choose to include any other people who participated in the wedding. Conclude the program by expressing thanks to everyone. Thank your guests for attending, your officiant for performing the ceremony, and anyone else who helped to make the wedding happen. You may also want to include a memorial note to acknowledge loved ones who are deceased. Knowing how to write a wedding program comes easily once you have organized all of the pertinent information.

Step 3

Before printing the programs, you must choose the paper, as well as the style of text (font). The wedding program usually matches the invitations or the colour scheme of the wedding. If you are having it printed at a print shop, you simply need to write down the information in order, choose the paper and font, and the printers will do the rest.

Step 4

If you are going to create the programs using your computer, the easiest way to print a large number of copies is to print a master sheet, then use a photocopier to print it on the paper you have chosen. Photocopying is better than printing the programs with an inkjet printer because photocopy toner is more permanent and does not run when it gets wet, so the programs will be more suitable for keepsakes.

Some people prefer to hand write programs with a fountain pen, although there are many fonts that have the same appearance as calligraphy without all the work. Before printing the programs, proofread your master copy carefully and have someone else read it as well. Sometimes another person will see typographical errors that you have missed.

Now that you know how to write a wedding program, you can easily produce them for your own wedding and assist your friends and family with future weddings. Programs are usually distributed at the door by ushers, or placed on the seats. It is a good idea to print a few extras so that there are enough programs for everyone who wants to take home a memento of your special day.

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