You may completely fathom the greatness of someone, but conveying that to others in an appreciation speech can be hard to contain in words sometimes!

Things You Will Need




Step 1

Usually you are chosen/choose to express an appreciation because it has effected you or your environment in some way. Use your knowledge about the person or thing to express the gratitude you or a group feel towards the honoree.

Step 2

When writing about the honoree, you must first start by jotting down everything that you appreciate. Those will be your main points to expand on, thus creating your appreciation speech! If you already know about the honoree thoroughly, then this shouldn't take long. When you don't know that much about the honoree, its best to do some research (interview people directly effected by honoree, check history, study the effects of the honoree on anything they/it has delt with).

Step 3

After you have your list, start forming the order of topics that you will go through. Its best to know how much time you want/ are allowed to take so that you can plan the content of this speech sparingly or in-depth. Keep in mind that you want to connect with the audience and make them feel and understand the reason for gratitude for the honoree, this means connecting through emotions (empathy, humor, anger, happiness).

Step 4

Now take that topic list and order, determine the mood you wish to create( by triggering emotions). Fill in the details around each topic, again according to the time limit, and you pretty much created your speech!

Don't write this out essay-style, no one wants to hear you monotonously read off a paper, that negates the work you put in connecting with the emotions of the audience! Instead write each main point on a note card at the top, and then fill in the details that support that topic. This will give you the room to improvise while speaking about the honoree! As long as you have the main points clearly stated, you should have no problem giving a speech!

Tips & Warnings