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With so many articles to write a day, how to come up with more in less time? Not to mention, you want original, quality writing.

1. Keep a list of ideas

Finding the topic to write about takes up half the time. Sometimes, what you thought was a good idea may not be a good idea after all.

When inspiration strikes, scribble it down in a notebook or keep a softcopy you can access while on the go.

This cuts down on brainstorming time and you can leap in quickly into a post when you're pumped up and ready to write.

2. Have an outline for your writing

What is an outline?

Basically, it is a big picture of your work. More specifically, formally arranging and developing your ideas.

Why have an outline?

An outline helps you keep organized, to see how your ideas connect to each other and to flesh out ideas that aren't so important after all. It could also inspire you, and this is important from the writer's perspective.

How to do an outline?

First, identify your topic. Then list the main points and order them in sequence. Next, list your article's sub-points and evaluate them. There, you have just done an article outline.

One of the best things about having an outline is you can begin writing at any point and still know what comes before and after. This method of organization can save heaps of time.


3. Never save a good idea

Work on it now.

Why would you want to save a good idea if it's so good? Make the most of your time and write it up quickly so that more good ideas can flow.

Also, a quality article will require much research. Hence, if you are very familiar with a topic, you can do less research and write faster.

It’s tempting to save the best ideas for later because you think they’ll be easier to write. But  you don’t want to save time later, you want to save time now.


4. Let your ideas incubate

Often, the best ideas take time to develop. Rather than try to dish up an article for that brilliant idea right away, let the topic sit for a few days. This will make it stronger and more viable.

Idea incubation is a way of bringing it into fruition or reality. By letting it sit, your idea can develop and you can add supporting ones as they come.


5. Use bullet points

Never underestimate the power of bullet points or numbering (they're being used in this very article too).

Benefits of bulleting:

  • All readers are lazy. They don't want to search for information through chunks of text, so it's your job as the writer to deliver it to them. The good news: they love lists as they're easier for the eye to follow.
  • Bulleting and numbering send the right signals to the reader, in terms of points arranged in no order of importance (bulleting) and order of importance (numbering). Place the most important points first, in the case of the latter.
  • It makes your job as the writer a lot easier. With bullet points, you no longer have to figure out transitions from one idea to the next. Your article practically organizes itself.


6. Keep it short

Make every word count. This doesn't mean skimping on quality though.

Generally, in order to finish an article in 20 minutes or under, it has to be around 500 words or less. This article is about 700 words long. The point of keeping it short is not wasting words and making sure your sentences are chockfull of information.


7. Come back later

How to Write an Article in 20 Minutes or LessCredit:


If you find that you’re stuck, don’t try to force the words to come. Save the article and work on something else for awhile. If inspiration strikes, open up that document again. You can even switch from one blog post to another, spending a few minutes on each as ideas comes to you. It’s a huge time-saver.

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Hopefully, you’re now on your way to superb articles in a fraction of the time!