This is an educational article to help those of you who want to learn how to write an effective essay, or for those of you needing a refresher on effective essay writing. After reading this article you should have a basic knowledge of the key principles of writing an effective essay. Writing an effective essay requires a few basic requirements, which include your introduction, body, and conclusion for an effective essay.

Your introduction should be the first paragraph of your essay, between three and five sentences long, and it should catch the reader's attention with some information about the essay. Three to five sentences is just a basic standard for the length of any paragraph, but your paragraph can be longer. You will also want to catch the reader's attention with the introduction and let the reader know what the essay is about. The introduction paragraph is going to be your most important paragraph to your essay and will usually determine if the reader will continue to read the rest or not.

The body of your essay will be where all the information about the topic is going to be explained in detail, therefore, the body of your essay should be at least three paragraphs in length. Your essay can, most definitely, include more paragraphs if necessary, but it should always have at least three supporting paragraphs to increase the effectiveness of your essay. I stress the three paragraph minimum for your essay because this is where all the information is going to be found to support your topic, and you are going to want and fill this paragraph with information to create an effective essay.

The conclusion is usually where most people just restate what his or her essay is all about, but you should also include any helpful tips or any opinions that you may have for the reader. It is okay to summarize your essay in the conclusion because this will help your reader to remember what the essay is about. I suggest that you include any helpful tips or opinions to reinforce any details in your essay.

To sum it all up, in order for you to write an effective essay be sure to have a good introduction, body, and conclusion. Hopefully you will be able to see how important it is to have an attention grabber at the beginning of your essay in the introduction, good supportive details for the body, and a recap in the conclusion. If you are having trouble with the detail of your essay you may need to research the topic you are writing on or possibly change to a topic you are more knowledgeable about.