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While anyone can write an article for Infobarrel, not everyone will be successful. There are a number of steps to take before, during and after the creative process. By following these steps, your work has a better chance of attracting an audience. The audience may then cause your creation to be a financial success.

This text will explain many steps that you can take to help your article gain Internet traffic. In order to do so, there needs to be some assumptions made. These are as follows:

  • you already have an Infobarrel account
  • you already have a Google Adsense account
  • you already have a topic in mind
  • you have time available to devote to your Internet accounts

This article will work best with a real example written for Infobarrel. It will use the actual "Facebook is for Grandmothers" content. All of the suggestions will be written for that title.

While this is not specifically designed to teach how to write for Infobarrel, there are a few pointers to remember for all authors. First, the length of the text should be significant. The site operators warn that a length of 325 words is the minimum and those less than 400 words may not be listed in the site index. This is good advice. In fact, all works should be 501 words at a minimum. This establishes the article as potentially good content by Google. As well, a written piece this size will count towards the monthly contests held by the site. More is actually better. Consider writing 1001 words, at least, for all titles. This will give you the maximum points in the monthly contest.

Next, keep in mind various site specific issues. Certain discount offers will trigger manual review of your work. Similarly, if you have repeated too many keywords, your article will need to be reviewed. This takes time. Avoid this if you can. There is now a keyword density checker and a word count indicator so article writing basics have become easier to manage. There isn't a list of the special words that trigger a manual review but if you encounter one, the site will tell you.

When the text is written, make sure that the summary box is relevant. Write about 100 words that are related to the actual work. If you have a particular keyword in the text, (and you should), make sure that you include that at least twice or even three times.

After the article is published, set up some easy backlinks right away. These will enhance your Infobarrel work and help more people find it. When they do, they may read your text and even participate in the available features.

Backlink Infobarrel Articles with TwitterCredit: self

The first easy step is to post your article as a Twitter post. You can write a quick note, under 140 characters, that lists your new title. The 140 character limit includes the URL. If you have followers there, this step may gain you a few early reads of your Infobarrel title.

Backlinks with Redgage to Infobarrel articlesCredit: self

Next up, you should post the title on Redgage. You can add a link with the URL, a title, some tags and a description. You can only write 250 characters, maximum, in the description, so be brief.

Backlink Infobarrel Article on ShetoldmeCredit: self

Next, go to Shetoldme and post a new scoop. It just has to be a minimum of 200 characters. Make sure that you write new content based on your Infobarrel work. Add some tags and a category. Submit and a good backlink is active immediately.

If you have other Infobarrel content that is related to your new text, consider editing that and adding a link to the new item. This article uses this approach for this text and this backlink discussion. Links to other Infobarrel content is unrestricted as to the number allowed.

At this point, you have an Infobarrel article of at least 501 words active on the site. You also have links from Twitter, Redgage and Shetoldme to the article. The Twitter link will simply drive Internet traffic to the new text but you may make a small amount of money with your links on the others. There are a lot of backlink sites that you can use. Watch the submission policies of all of them, however. Some, like Xomba, have changed recently which may cause trouble for you.

Backlink tracking an Infobarrel Article with Google AdsenseCredit: self

Finally, go to your Google Adsense account and set up a custom URL for the new Infobarrel article. Go into Adsense Setup and then Channels. Find the "Add new URL" link and add your new title. As of the next day, you will be able to see specific statistics for your new Infobarrel article.

With all of these steps accomplished, you will be able to track the readers to your Infobarrel article. Besides the Infobarrel statistics, you can see traffic at Redgage and Shetoldme. With luck, you may even make some money on those sites. This article is an example so in time, it will be updated with statistics to show the effects of the backlinks to the article "Facebook is for Grandmothers".

Internet traffic statistics:

  • Infobarrel readers: 2
  • Redgage readers: 4
  • Shetoldme readers: unknown
  • Twitter readers: unknown
  • Adsense statistics: not yet available