You can write and earn cash for yourself using a blog of your own. Some people try to promote with social sites, but I was lucky to be found in Google's search engine.

Things You Will Need

When you write or create a blog, it is your freedom to write whatever you want to write about. You make the rules, you choose the ads to make cash, you choose the layouts, you choose your own designs, and you are the one to promote it. gives you all of this freedom. Blogger allows you to make blog lists, link lists, tabs, and you can allow followers. All these things are helpful as you blog. It is easy to use Blogger. That is what makes blogging easy and fun.

One day I noticed that everybody was blogging about movies. It seemed that everybody was blogging about the new and upcoming movies. I thought about what I could do to make my blog and content different. After reading about new movies everywhere by professionals and freelancers, I did not want to write about new movies. I felt that I would be repeating the same info. So I began to write about movies that were unmade. In other words, I started writing movie ideas. The movie blog rose above all of my other blogs in traffic. I was found mostly through Google's search engine. It could have been the title that attracted attention, and it also could have been some of the posts that were read from the search.

When I started receiving good traffic, I decided that I would add some ads. I had the option to choose Adsense and other ad programs. Most of the time, you are asked to use your Google ID to make cash if you are writing for publishing services or writing on your own blog. If you do not feel comfortable using Adsense, Blogger is nice enough to let you use other ads on their blogs. I have not made a lot of cash. It is something that does not happen over night. It might just happen a little faster through a publishing service. The key is to be popular and have plenty of traffic.

If you have a good idea for a blog, if it is something worth reading, if you blog about something that you have a passion for, you will reach the top eventually. If you have constant content, the readers of your blog will keep coming. That doesnot mean you will not have some bad struggles in blogging. Some days you may not be able to think of anything, but that is okay. Sometimes just one article may bring you constant traffic. Another key to blogging is to write something that everyone will love to read.

Sometimes may feel that you will get no where in blogging. I have been practicing since 2005. Still, I have not really earned any cash, but I have earned viewers.

Tips & Warnings

When the money is not there for you in blogging, that does not mean it is not there. It's not always what you see. You have got to blog on to see what your end is going to be. Don't stop blogging.