How to write like the Redwall Author

Brian Jacques is the world renowned children's author of the Redwall series. His writing style is incredibly engrossing and as a result, he has sold millions of books worldwide. His success is due in large part to his unique and creative writing style.

Imitating a famous author's writing style will by no means guarantee you success, in fact, unless you are able to add your own unique voice to your writing, you will most likely end up in failure. This quick guide will show you how to how to write like Brian Jacques and more importantly how to use that knowledge to craft your own unique writing style.

Develop a Mind Map.

The first step to being able to write like Brain Jacques is to develop a mind map for your novel. The beauty of Brian Jacques writing is how he seamlessly weaves numerous story lines into one. There are a lot of details that go into a novel and it is paramount that all of those details make sense. You cannot have contradicting timelines, or overlapping characters. My mapping out your plot you will have a sound base before you actually begin to write any of the novel.

Develop your characters.

The one thing that separates Brian Jacques as a world renowned children's author is his ability to bring his characters to life. By the end of one of his novels, you have run the gamut of emotions and have cried, cheered, scowled, and cursed at different characters in his books. You feel attached to the characters as if you really knew them. This is even more astounding because all of his characters are animals. If you want to write like Brian Jacques, you must develop your characters to the point that they leap off the page and become a person your reader can personally relate to. 

Create a Fictional World where your characters live.

By the end of a Redwall novel, you want to pack your bags, hop on the nearest train to Mossflower Woods and trek out in search of Redwall Abbey. Even though Redwall is a fictional place, Brian Jacques has so vividly describe it, you literally dream about visiting there. if you sincerely want to write like Brian Jacques, you need to master the art of describing your setting. If you plan to write a series of books, then you can describe your fictional setting in more detail with each book, but you must give enough detail in each book to keep your reader enthralled.

Develop attributes that make your wrting unique.

Not only does Brian Jacques bring animals to life and vividly describe a fantasy world, he also creates delicious recipes, creates entire languages for his characters, and writes poems and songs for his characters to sing. If you want to write like Brian Jacques you will need to develop methods of encouraging your readers to take part in the reading experience. The Redwall books include recipes you can actually cook, songs you can sing, riddles you can figure out, poems you can recite, languages you can imitate, building you can build, and weapons you can build. These details allow you to take the world you are reading about and join it with your own real world. This is what has made the Redwall series so popular!