Search Engine Optimization is important to any webmaster regardless of that webmaster's individual goals. Every webmaster wants to achieve increased visibility for his or her website and it's important to learn new tips and techniques to achieve those goals. One of these techniques involves the usage of tags and it is very simple to implement. You can use this technique on Infobarrel, other article directories, or your own site.

Some people don't care about tags or don't think much about them and in this article I will explain why you should.

First, let's talk about length strength(officially termed link popularity). Let's say I link to my site on height increase in an article called natural height increase with the anchor text height increase. If I link to my natural height increase article using the anchor text height increase that's really going to strengthen the link my height increase page within that article. Anything with the exact word anchor text or anchor text plus long tail(like natural height increase or adult height increase) will strongly strengthen the link popularity. In addition, anything with one or more words will also help strengthen the link popularity greatly like if I just use height or gain height. However, using an anchor text like grow taller or gain stature will not help my link popularity as much even though they mean similar things as height increase.

The power of tags is that each tag has it's own page. On some sites each tag lists the entire page including the backlinks of your articles. This means that the keyword authority of the tag transfers directly to the link itself. Infobarrel has a system where each tag shows the title of the article. This dilutes the link power a little bit but it still transfers some of that tag keyword authority to the article and to your links. Also, some sites have no-follow on some links diluting the flow of the link juice.

On Infobarrel, you can use up to five tags. Each tag appears on the bottom of the article. On your own site, you can build links to these tags(barring no-follow) and build keyword authority to strength your links. On Infobarrel, the tags are shared by a number of Infobarrel writers. If you want to strengthen the infobarrel tags, it's best to build links to your own articles which in turn will boost the link juice of the tags or to write more articles using that tag. Every article you write using that tag will result in more link juice for that tag even if somebody else writes the article.

Infobarrel allows for two-self serving links per article and your first two tags should be the exact anchor text of those links. Infobarrel also allows you to build internal links to your other Infobarrel articles(which you should probably do at least in the first paragraph to get the prime link juice real estate as you cannot put external links in the first paragraph). If you have internal links then your tags should be the same as those as well.

If you have no internal links then there are a couple of options for your last three tags. You can have one tag for your title keywords. I'm using Infobarrel Tags for instance. You can also use long tail variations of the keywords of your links. I chose do-follow tags and anchor tags.

If someone writes an article with the tag "Infobarrel Tags" then this page is going to benefit from some of that keyword authority from that tag link. This will increase my keyword authority from the anchor Tags as well so what I'm really doing is doubling or tripling up the potential keyword authority I can get from the words tags.

Tags are not just busy work and are very powerful tools in your SEO ventures!