Did you know that that junk automobile wasting away in your garage could be useful to another person? Donating to charity is a great way to show you care for the less fortunate in society. Donating a car will save you the hassles of selling your car. What's more, the procedure is pretty simple and quick to follow. Most car donation companies in Brockton will handle the whole donation process from start to finish.

Things You Will Need

Car to donate
Car registration documents
Name of Charity to donate to

Step 1

Select a donating company online. There are a variety of online companies that have come up to ensure that your donation process is hassle free and reaches the target homes faster. This is in a bid to encourage as many people as possible to donate their cars. According to the Brockton Business Directory, some of the sites you could use include Donate to Charity and The Salvation Army.

Step 2

Compare the services of different donating companies. Most donation companies in Brockton cater for the towing and repair costs. Check to see if the donation company in Brockton provides tax waivers as they offer you a market fair value write off as the company repairs and restores the cars to a good condition. Some companies provide gifts to donors to encourage them to donate a car. Donate to Charity for instance offers a free vacation for every donation. Most of these companies also provide a list of pickup locations within Brockton. Different donation companies take varying times to pick up a car; however the pick up time is fast as they want to encourage people to donate.

Step 3

Provide the company with your details. Donating a car with these companies is a simple process that can take you less than five minutes. You will be required to fill in your details such as your name and location and contact details. You will also be required to fill in details of the vehicle you are donating such as its make, year of manufacture, model, color, mileage and the location of the car. These details may have a slight difference depending on the donation company you choose.

Step 4

Transfer the car ownership to the charity. This involves finding your car title and canceling the plates and registration for the car. This can be done by contacting Registry of Motor Vehicles through: Attn: Express Registry of Motor Vehicles P.O. Box 55889 Boston, MA 02205-5889 You will then be issued with a tax receipt which you then take to the tax assessor for a tax adjustment Array

Tips & Warnings

Find out the tax policy on car donations for the particular company you are donating to.