The Simple Solution to Asthma Treatment

Asthma treatment is not as complex as one may think. A natural asthma remedy was discovered accidentally over thirty years ago by a medical doctor.  This article will give a short overview of this doctor's approach.

  • It requires no medication.  
  • It requires no herbs. 
  • It requires no special diet or exercises.

    I have used this protocol to manage my asthma.  It has reduced my dependence on asthma medications. In fact, if I did not work where I do, I would not need medications.  Although I still have one, my inhaler is no longer a constant companion.

    When I get away from this protocol, my symptoms return.  

    Before I learned about this asthma treatment protocol:

    1. Experienced lung infections several times a year.
    2. Constantly kept an inhaler in my pocket.
    3. Could not go near dust or go near anyone that smoked.
    4. Missed an average of 7 to 10 days from work yearly due to asthma and related illnesses.
    5. Seriously considered quitting my job at the chemical plant.

    After the protocol:

    1. Experienced less than three lung infections in the last ten years.
    2. Only need the rescue inhaler at work occasionally.
    3. I probably use no more than three rescue inhalers per year.
    4. The fumes and chemicals at work have less of an effect upon me.
    5. Severe attacks are almost nonexistent.

    What Dr. Batman Discovered

    In the 1970's, Dr. Fereydoon Batmenghelidj MD, was a political prisoner in Iran.  While in prison he made a discovery that changed his view of medicine.  A fellow prisoner had a severe ulcer.  He hurt so much that he laid in a fetal position.  Dr. Batmenghelidj had no medication to give him.

    So he gave him a glass of water.  

    When Dr Batmenghelidj returned the guy was up and walking around.  This led Dr. Batmen, as he was known, to form his theory of disease based upon chronic dehydration.

    Dr. Batmen spent the rest of his life spreading the word about his discoveries.  He first tried to pass his findings to his medical peers.  He was continually ignored.  So he chose to write books and publish his findings to the public.

    Dr. Batmen published a lot information on his findings.  He explains why asthma and many other so-called diseases are a function of chronic dehydration.  He has helped to return common sense and sanity to medical treatment .

    Dr. Batmenghelidj died on November 15, 2004

    What Asthmatics Need to Do

    If you are asthmatic, you want to take your level of hydration very seriously.  Consider the beverages you consume on a daily basis.  Are they dehydrating more than rehydrating your body?

    If you are experiencing problems, you might want to consider Dr. Batmen's protocol.

     Here is the simple protocol:

    1. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water through the day.
    2. Dissolve one eighth teaspoon of sea-salt on your tongue for every 16 ounces of water taken.
    3. If you see any swelling, stop all salt consumption for 2-3 days.

    That's it.

    For more in-depth education, please search under 'water cure for asthma' or get some of Dr. Batmen's published at his site.