If you spend more time on maintenance then you will not only prolong the the life of your vacuum-cleaner cleaner or sweeper but save yourself money in the process. Good maintenance will improve the performance and reduce those extra costs and repairs; plus it will save you the added frustration and stress on a vacuum-cleaner performing poorly.

Be honest; how many times have you taken your frustration out on your vacuum-cleaner when it has no suction and refuses to pick up the smallest of things because the tubes are blocked or the brushes refuse to revolve and pick up the dirt.

Yes we have to admit our temperature rises when the vacuum-cleaner refuses to work because it overheats too.

vacuum-cleaners overheating

Like us, vacuum-cleaners often overheat because we forget to spend a few minutes cleaning the filters. It works the same as when our nose blocks up we cannot breathe.  It happens to our vacuum-cleaners too.

I think that men must have designed most of the vacuum-cleaner cleaners these days because the handles are far too short, therefore causing us to suffer from back pain when we bend over to get more pressure trying to clean our homes.

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This vacuum needs to have the bags replaced from time to time.
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Proper Maintenance

Have you ever wondered why some people are forever buying a new vacuum when you keep yours for years. I bought two Hoover Hurricane Plus Vacuums four years ago. I gave one to my daughter and I think that lasted a couple of months and while we were travelling around Australia for twelve months my future daughter-in-law used mine.

She also had problems with it overheating and poor suction. Yes, the problem with any vacuum cleaner is we expect them to keep working non stop without any maintenance. This vacuum cleaner is still going because we give it that maintenance. Vacuums need a little TLC like everything else. Even us humans love a little TLC from time to time.


Always make sure that you turn off and unplug your vacuum cleaner before attempting to do any maintenance on it. It could short out and injure you. Hold the plug to remove from power socket, pulling on the lead can cause the power lead to fray and pull the wiring loose and even risk exposing the live wiring.

Beware of a vacuum cleaner that gives you a boot when turning it on or off. Have an electrician check it out, or throw it out.

Maintenance and care of vacuum and swivel sweeper


Maintenance for the bag vacuums

Buy your vacuum bags in bulk so you are not tempted to overfill the bags.

Avoid picking up sharp items where possible as these will tear the bag and release dust through the vacuum.


Maintenance for all vacuums

Empty the bag-less cylinders before they are full, the cylinder normally pops up at the press of a button.

Make sure there is nothing blocking the pipe tubes, a piece of paper or cardboard can block them. If blocked push a hose through to remove blockage. These can also be washed out, although make sure completely dry before assembling.

Remove the vacuum head: clean out all the hair, cottons and fluff from around the rollers. Check that nothing is blocking the rollers preventing them from rolling freely.

Clean all the filters: Most of the bag-less vacuums will have different filters. These could be made from plastic, paper or foam depending on each brand or model.

Foam or Plastic Filters: These can be carefully rinsed out under a tap. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before assembling.


Paper filters: Never wet paper filters as this will damage them. Some filters are like fins that let the air through while others are flat. Tap or shake the dust and dirt from them. These should be replaced when too blocked or damaged like the one in the picture.



Vacuum Barrels or Cylinders: These can also be washed out and dried thoroughly.

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Maintenance and care of your Vacuum or Swivel Sweeper

 Dog and cat fur

If you have a pet then their fur will fill the vacuum bags or barrel cylinders quicker, therefore empty them more often than normal. Fur will block up filters more than the dust.




Carpet or Swivel Sweepers

These also need maintenance. Like the vacuum head the head on the sweepers need to be kept clean and free from cottons and hair.

 Consult the manufacturers Manual

If in doubt consult the manufacturers manual on the correct procedure for cleaning and maintaining your vacuum in top condition to keep it performing for many years to come. A little bit of care now will not only keep your vacuum performance at its best it will keep you free of stress at the same time.

Professional cleaning

You could take your vacuum to one of the suppliers like Godfrey's to have your vacuum professionally cleaned. They can also check it out for electrical faults.

Buy the best vacuum or sweeper to suit your needs. Buying the highest price vacuum does not always mean the best performance. A lot will depend on the size of your home and the amount of work your vacuum will need to do.


Shop around before spending your hard earned dollars on something you will be disappointed in. Ask your friends, what type of vacuums they use, whether it is a bag-less or bag vacuum.

Whichever type of vacuum you choose, make sure that you follow the above tips on how to maintain and prolong the life of your Vacuum Cleaner or  Swivel Sweeper.

You may even want to try the Robotic Vacuum or other products

This vacuum does not need you to continually replace bags avoiding that extra expense.