In 2008 , Barack Obama released a series of original posters , these usually had one word at the bottom , this word was usually HOPE , PROGRESS , OR CHANGE . The posters were an instant hit and will be remembered as a breakthrough in artistic political campaigning . Now you can make your own Barack Obama campaign poster , you can use any photo you want , ....... you can even change the text at the bottom of your image to say whatever you want .

Things You Will Need


Step 1

For starters you will need to access one of the few sites that offer this free service . Two great websites for Obama-izing your photos is and .

Step 2

Once you have accessed the Obama-izing website you will need to select the "create" icon towards the top of the page .

Step 3

Next choose which style of Obama's posters you would like .

Step 4

Upload your photo. Note that the website only allows pictures in JPEG , GIF , and PNG format . Also the size of your photos must be under 4MB .

Step 5

After your photo is uploaded , adjust the coloring and zoom in or out until your picture is just right . Also be sure to choose what text you would like displayed at the bottom of your image ..

Step 6

Once you photo is edited to your liking , press the " snap shot " icon above your image . After you click snap shot , press " save & submit " , and save your Obama-ized photo to whichever file you wish.

Tips & Warnings