With the cold weather just around the corner. Here are some causes and ideas on how to stay away from frost bite and hypothermia.

Things You Will Need

If you enjoy winter activities you need to make sure you know how to stay warm and recognize the signs of hypothermia and frost bite. You need to protect yourself from extreme cold and wind. If you are going to spend the day out in the cold you need to eat plenty of carbohydrates. You need to wear several light layers of clothing. The fabrics should allow your skin to breath. Cotton is not a good insulator in very cold conditions. Your outer garments should be made of Gore-Tex type materials they will protect you from the wind. Wear a ski mask, neck warmer or hood will protect your face from frost bite.

You should avoid drinking alcohol it can worsen hypothermia. Take high protein snacks to eat. Make sure to breath through your nose rather then your mouth this will reduce heat and fluid loss. If you get wet change as soon as possible,wet clothes can bring on hypothermia. Keep your back to the wind and move your fingers and toes to keep the blood flowing. Your biggest heat loss is from your head and feet so keep the warm. Keep your chest warm this will help your heart beat and keep the blood flowing to your extremities.

Step 1

To check yourself for frost bite which is a soft tissue injury. Look to see if the effected area appears red then white and the skin is soft to the touch. There are 3 degrees of frostbite. If your skin is hard to the touch and totally numb and is a blue gray in color this is a 3rd degree frostbite and you need to get to a doctor as soon as possible. The first thing you need to do is apply warm towels to the area. If a hot tub is available soak the area in the warm water not hot.

If you have been shivering after getting warm you could have a sign or symptom of hypothermia. Look for symptoms like your speech is slurred and you are confused with jerky movements, your core temperature could be to low. You need to drink some hot liquids and warm up under blankets.Put on warm clothes and a stocking cap to prevent heat loss from your head Sever hypothermia is very dangerous and can cause death within minutes if not treated.


Tips & Warnings

Remove wet clothing in extreme cold.