The SATs are a huge determiner of what college you get in to. There is no easy way to do well, it takes hard work and studying.

Things You Will Need

- An official SAT prep book.
- Flashcards
- A separate prep book with more practice tests. I recommend Princeton Review as they are very easy to use.
- A clock
- Blank paper to write down ideas for essays and ways to work out problems.

Step 1

Set up a study schedule for yourself. At least once a week you should complete one whole practice test. The more practice you have before the test the better you will do. Weekends are often the best times to do practice tests, but if you can squeeze in a section between classes, or during lunch do it. You can split up the test test however you want, do one 10 minute section at lunch and one 15 minute section once you are doe with your homework. While this doesn't give you the feeling of taking the whole test at once, which is very tiring, it does allow you to complete all of the problems giving yourself the best base of knowledge before the test.

Other than these tests and the vocabulary I will talk about in the next section, you should be working through a chapter of practice problems in the official SAT book a week. Write down what chapter you are going to do during a given week and stick to it.

Step 2

Vocabulary is a huge part of the SAT both in the writing sections and in reading comprehension. The best way to build your vocabulary is to read. Though if reading bores you and you don't feel like your vocabulary is growing enough make flashcards.

Flashcards are efficient and can be kept in your bag for anytime use.

Step 3

The math section is actually very basic, anyone who has gotten through algebra 2 can do well on it. The key is to not over think the problems. Complex formulas are of no use on SAT math questions, the best way to go about solving a problem is to use your instincts. If that doesn't work out, try solving the problem backwards using one of the answers.

The SAT is easy to get a decent score on if you put in the time and work. Do the practice tests, ALL OF THEM, read books, study your vocab and figure out where you are weakest. The day of the test eat a good breakfast, and go in calm and confident. You will do great.

Tips & Warnings

- Do not begin studying the night before
- Do not expect to get a good score if you have no put in the work.