Better Travel Photographs

Holiday is the best time of the year and something we are always looking forward regardless if you are studying or working; but how many times we go to exotic and beautiful places, take a few photographs and when you download them onto the computer realise that they look nothing like the place you have just been to; I guess that is a problem that happens often; however many people do not realise that just with a few tips; good technique and a good camera, is all you need to take artistic photographs of the beautiful sites you visited during your trip; there are a few general points that will help you to achieve that dream picture.


  • Composition: It refers to the richness of the photograph; this is influenced by the texture, angle, used patterns and use of the light. The position of the main subject, as well as the frame will achieve professional’s result and separate you from novice’s pictures; practice is the best way to learn and master the skill of “composing”; however, a good start is to stop before taking the photograph and look around, try to find a unique point of interest and the perfect subject; now try to frame it, considering the colour and how the light will affect the end result. 
Aswan, Feluccas in EgyptCredit: Daniel M Ramirez
  • Balance: In order to achieve a balanced artistic photograph, you need to understand the rule of thirds; it consists in dividing the space that you will use for the photograph into thirds; this will allow you to attain a symmetrical image by placing the subject matter in one of those thirds; as a general rule, try not to place it right in the centre; also try to include natural settings like an old door or an interesting window. If you want to accomplish a penetrating photo, then balance is the main protagonist that will help you to strive with the perfect shot. You should always aim to achieve the ideal “balance” in colour, light, contrast and frame.


Daniel M RamirezCredit: Daniel M Ramirez
  • Action: Capturing an object, person or animal in action (normal movements) could give you the edge that your photograph needs to excel normal travel snaps; it can be something simple, like smoke coming out of the coffee cup or a dog playing with its bone toy; it does not have to be something important, you just need to break the monotony with some action.


Train Driver in Pickering, EnglandCredit: Daniel M Ramirez
  • Depth of field: You should always try to analyse the distance between the subject and the background, including all the objects around; a realistic photograph can only be achieved when the perfect depth is considered.


Fountain Abbey in Yorkshire, EnglandCredit: Daniel M Ramirez
  • Evocation: The main objective of an artistic travel photograph is to evoke a livid moment in terms of time, place and if you have been reading this article, moving; to achieve this, you need to think before you take the photograph, what could make an interesting subject? How to play with the light in order to attain a more artistic and enigmatic photograph? Only practice will improve your photos but patience and carefully considering all the factors will achieve that great photograph that you will be proud of showing to your friends.


The Nile River in EgyptCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

We are always looking forward to the next holiday and although they normally only last from a few days to a few weeks; the best way to remember them is by taking great photographs; the pictures will remain forever and remind you the beautiful places you visit.