Consider the lives of the ultra-wealthy: Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki. The reason they achieved success financially is not great giftedness. It's because they used the key principles to the creation of wealth.

One item is definite. You must work hard to gain financial freedom. The universe rewards the productive, not the passive. It's necessary to be strict and have patience. Creating wealth requires time and dedication.

It's necessary to know that mistakes can happen. You can learn a lot from your failures, but only if you don't just beat yourself up for them. Gain experience by learning and living.

You work hard, have a large amount of determination and have an open mind about your limits. Giant tick! Is your plan made for financial success? This is vital.

Financial success is gained by doing a three-step income plan.

Step 1: What is your final financial goal?

Here is how a good financial goal should look: I will retire in ten years. When I do, I will need $10,000 monthly in passive income. I will measure this by the current monetary valuation.

What is your perception of financial success? What is the standard of living that you wish to have? How much will your desired lifestyle cost? It is important that you have the ability to define the way in which you wish to live out your life. You must be able to determine the amount of passive income you will need every month.

Step 2: Set up

Level 1: Figure out your financial position: How are your finances right now? Consider your current financial position by compiling personal financial statements: balance sheets, income statements, etc.

You can figure out how healthy your financial situation is by calculating your net worth alongside whatever income you have after expenses. These amounts will enlighten you as to your current financial status, and equip you to make future plans.

Level 2: Cleaning house: Financial stability is important to successful wealth creation. Begin by seeking out ways to build your greater income and net worth. Get rid of unwanted debt and remove all types of emotional spending. Utilize the additional money to put into income-generating assets.

Level 3: Increase financial literacy: Do you know your money through-and-through?   If this is not the case, create one by educating yourself with the basics of wealth creation. Financial success relies on getting assets that make income. Are you able to discern what assets will achieve the level of income generation you desire?

This does not require you to major in finance. However, it's vital that you create your financial literacy prior to your personal bottom line can expand.

Step 3: Strategy

Though retirement plans and investments are important, in order to create wealth you absolutely need a business strategy that is focused and clear. A retirement plan is simply a template to assist you in organizing your finances. The majority of management plans use a method known as diversification and are not made for growth.

Warren Buffet is an extremely successful long term investor. He is of the opinion that the only time you need to diversify is if you don't know what you are doing!

A business plan alternatively is a specialized income creation plan. It stresses the importance of spotting and satisfying specific markets utilizing products and services. The majority of individuals can get you better financial success.

Once you have devised a strategy, you must develop business systems that will automate primary work functions that will take care of all the difficult tasks on your behalf.

For instance, let's say you are a mechanic and have knowledge on vehicle maintenance. You could write and sell a manual about quickly changing a gear box, which in turn could actually be sold by web pages instead of by you personally.

Property is an additional example. The majority of individuals handle property as an investment. This is a giant error. You must handle property like it is a business. The bottom line is not about making a profit on the sale of the property - it's how to make the most of the property through rental receipts using your team of professional managers.

Where to go from here: There is a lot to do. Complete one step at a time. Decide exactly what it is you want out of life. Go through you current finances and make a business agenda. Financial success follows precise planning and action steps.

Achieving financial success is a gradual process