Many of us have a warped picture of what the words personal success really means.
We often see this success as living in a million dollar home, owning fast sleek cars and working in that special corner office that everyone in your corporation wants to work in.

But real personal success is actually something much different.
Personal success comes from being happy with who you are and what you have acheived in life.
It is found in looking forward to the future and feeling that you still have much more to contribute to reach your own personal goals.

For some success may mean that corner office, but for others it may simply be having the ability to pay their bills every month.
The goal is not what really matters it is the journey you take to reach that goal, that is what is truly important in life.
Personal success is a way of thinking that helps you reach your goals.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

1. Write down your goals.
Most of us understand that it is very important to make a list of our goals if we wish to achieve success. But very few of us actually decide to sit down and really make that list. We sit by, wishing that we could achieve what we want, but have no idea what we really need to do to reach our goal

But actually reaching success at whatever it is that you plan to do, takes more than just visualizing the end result you wish to acheive.

If you write down your goals it makes them something that you can not only see them in writing but, it makes them something tangible. It makes them much more than a thought because it is something that you can look at and anayze, discuss with friends, co-workers or your spouse. This discussion transforms thought into an exchange of ideas bringing you closer to understanding the steps you will need to reach your goals.

But there is more to success than just writing down that you want to acheive a goal.

Step 2

Map out a detailed plan
Outline exactly what it is that you wish to do. Make it as detailed as possible.
For example instead of saying that I want to save $2400 in the next year, you should be saying that every month I will save at least 200.00 per month so that I can put a down payment on a new Honda Fit.

Saying I want to buy a car is not a goal. You must plan on exactly what you want as your goal and map out a plan for success.

Step 3

Break your plan for success further so that you can acheive small steps that help you reach your goal.

For example;
If I am to be able to save 200.00 per month for my new honda fit, what steps do I need to take in order to be able to save that money each month.
I need to be able to put away $50 each week to make my goal of $200 for the month. Since some months have 5 weeks those months I will be actually saving $250, this will not only help me make my goal but will give me a little extra money to negotiate a lower price with.

Step 4

Success takes sacrifices
Decide what you can do without as you plan on how you will acheive your goals..
Every road to success involves making some sacrifices.
Instead of spending $5 every morning for that cup of coffee, try making your own. This will save you $25 each week and puts you half way towards your goal.

Step 5

Make your goals something you can see on a daily basis.

Now get a colored sticky note pad.
Break your goals down by each day of the week.
Write each days part of your goal on a sticky note and place the weeks pack of notes on your computer or refrigerator. Someplace you will see it several times a day. Make it a point to stop and look at the days goal several times during the day. When you have achieved the days goal place a huge smiley face on it so that you have something pleasant to look at the following morning to remind you that you are well on your way towards making your goal. If you somehow fail for that day. Do not punish yourself, simply re-evaluate what you must do to still make your goal for the week and break it down by day again.

Step 6

Reassess and re-evaluate your progress.
Every month evaluate your progress towards acheiving your goals for success. Your road to reaching your goals needs to be flexable as life is ever changing and nothing is ever as it seams.
Bring out your detailed listing of how you decided you would work towards your personal goal. Carefully go through the steps you wrote down in step one. Evaluate each one and how well you are moving towards your goals. Decide if your plan needs any changes or modifications based on information you have garnered during your progress towards your goals. This way you can have an expanded overview of what you wish to acheive and the plan you are using to reach them. Make any modifications that you may have found necessary.

Personal success is an individual thing, no two persons look at success in the same way. However the road to achieving personal success can be a difficult one, it takes dedication, hard work and sacrifices in order to finally attain your goal.

Tips & Warnings

Continually re-evaluate your path to your goal and modify your plans as necessary.
Do not fall into a self destructive cycle if you fall short of your daily, weekly or even monthly plan. Simply re-evaluate what you need to do and do it.
Setting the goal is easy, staying on track difficult!