If you write for InfoBarrel, or have your own blog, website, or write for any other site, learning to use your Amazon affiliate links in your articles or posts may dramatically improve your income.

The easiest way to add an Amazon product to your InfoBarrel article is to use the new module. Under the "Elements" tab in your draft see "Add" an "Amazon Product".  Just click "Edit" on the moducle, and make sure you have copied the URL of the Amazon product you want to use, then paste the URL in the space provided. (See module directly below with "How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate" book as my example).

Also, at the bottom of this article in the "Image for Step 4" photo,  you can see a screencap of  my InfoBarrel article draft. In the photo you will see the "Elements" tab with the "Add Amazon Product" button on the right side of the image.

Take note that choosing the right product to cooincide with your article or post also helps so that your words are used contextually, and flow into your work seamlessly.

I've read (via IB forums) some are having issues using the IB "Elements" tab in their drafts. Whether it is the browser not working correctly with InfoBarrel's system, or whatever the problem or issue, there is another way to add your Amazon affiliate link into not just an InfoBarrel article, but any post, blog, website, or other web-based text.



Example of InfoBarrel's Amazon Product Element

How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate
Amazon Price: Buy Now
(price as of May 9, 2015)
this is the URL for Amazon product I used:http://www.amazon.com/Make-Money-Amazon-Associate-ebook/dp/B009K8ARWE

Step 1 for Adding Amazon Affiliate Link to Your Text

If you can't get the InfoBarrel module to work properly, there is another way, and even better, you can use it almost anywhere on the web.

First, make sure you are logged in with your Amazon affiliate account so that along the top of the Amazon product page you see the dark grey banner with various commands such as; 'Link to this page', 'Add to Widget', 'Add to aStore', 'Your Earnings', etc. (See image below).

Then find the specific product you want to add to your article by using the Amazon search box. When you have found the product you want to add simply click the "Link to this page" command (circled in image below).

Image for Step 1 "Link to this page"

 Amazon affiliate "Link to this page"
Credit: CLC

Step 2 for Adding Amazon Affiliate Link to Your Text

After you have clicked the "Link to this page" command, a pop up box will appear that you can adjust and customize your html. Or how you want to display your ad. (See image below).

Image for Step 2 "Text Only"

text only
Credit: CLC

Notice the "Text Only" tab is circled. This is where you want to click. You only want the text of the html, not the image, and not the text and image.

Step 3 for Adding Amazon Affiliate Link to Your Text

Once you have clicked the "Text only" tab, the html for your product (with your affiliate ID included) will show in the html box.

Only highlight and copy the portion of the html that includes the product and the affiliate ID. Do not highlight and copy the entire html in the box. (See highlighted image below of what you will see).

In the example image below you will notice the highlighted portion does not include the quotation marks, but does include my affiliate ID (yellowessent-20). Make sure when you highlight and copy, that it begins with: http://, and ends with your affiliate ID.

Image for Step 3 "highlight html"

Image for Step 3
Credit: CLC

Notice highlighted portion does not contain quotes, and ends with my affiliate ID.

Step 4 for Adding Amazon Affiliate Link to Your Text

The next step is to go back to your InfoBarrel draft and highlight your sentence, key words, or what is called the "anchor text". 

The "anchor text" is the basically the words that will show as underlined, and link back to Amazon.

Then click on the "chain link icon". (See image for step 4 below). And paste your affilate product link html into the pop-up box space provided. Finish by clicking "Insert".

Here's an example of the "anchor text" (underlined portion) I used:

One of the best books for learning how to use the Amazon affilate program to your advantage is "How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate. "

See "Image for Step 4" below for visual cues.



Image for Step 4 "inserting link to anchor text"

image for step4
Credit: clc

More Information on Adding Amazon Affiliate Links to IB Articles

Please note that you can not use more than two (2) self-serving links in any InfoBarrel article. So choose wisely, what and where you place your links.

Another IB writer JadeDragon wrote: "You can have up to 1 Amazon Module or Link for every two hundred words in the article.  The text in the Amazon Module seems to count toward the 200 words.  So a 1010 word article can have up to 5 Amazon modules." Check out her article for more information on adding Amazon affiliate links to IB or a WordPress Blog here.

If this explaination has not helped answer or address your issue, you can still check the "InfoBarrel University" as well as the "Forums" to find out more.

Thanks for reading, and keep on writing!