Sign into Etsy or Create a new account

To get started incorporating Google Analytics into your Etsy shop, you will need to sign into your account, or create a new one.  Once you have logged into your account.  You will want to click on the

"Your Etsy" link.  This will bring you into your general Etsy shop account settings.

Etsy Shop Setup - Web Analytics

Within your Etsy Shop settings is a section called "Shop Setup".  Under this main category is a link for

"Web Analytics".  Click on this link to get into the Google Web Analytics toolset.

Etsy Web Analytics and Google Analytics

Within the Etsy Web Analytics toolset is a simple set of instructions.  There are about 3 steps that you have to actually follow within Etsy to tie your Etsy shop account into the Google Analytics tracking tool.  However, you still need to set up a Google Analytics account or profile to track your shop. 

Go ahead and open a new window and go to Google Analytics.  Just type Google Analytics in the search bar, or click on this link to set up or log-into your Google Analytics account:


Set up your Google Analytics Etsy tracking profile

So now you should have two windows open.  One with your Etsy account, and the other with Google Analytics.  If you have not already signed into the Google Analytics site, go ahead and do this now. 

If you do not have an Analytics account, and you are creating a new one for the first time, that is alright too!  Just use your Google Mail account and Sign Up!  You will be taken through the same steps as soon as you have created an account.

For those with an account and those with a new account, we will be taken to the Google Analytics dashboard page.  Over in the top right hand corner is a button that asks us to

"add new account".  Click this button.   This then takes us to another page that asks us to sign up to create a new profile.  Lets go ahead and sign up to create a new profile.  Click the "Sign Up for Google Analytics button" on this page.  It is a little redundant since you already created a profile, but what Google is really asking you to do here is to create a new profile.

Entering the proper Etsy website URL for tracking

So now you will be taken to a screen inside the Google Analytics tool that wants to know what website URL you want to add to your account.  Since this in an Etsy shop you want to track, you have to enter the following exactly as I have it:

In the  WEBSITES URL space, enter:

In the ACCOUNT NAME space, enter in your shop name followed by  So for example if my shop name were TURTLES, I would type in:

* If you do not know how to find your shop name, just look at the top of your Etsy Store in the URL box.  Your shop name is there at the top.  Click "View Your Public Shop" and your store name is there.

Then enter in your country and Timezone and click Continue.

You will be taken to another screen to enter in your name and Country again, then click Continue.

Getting Your Analytics Tracking Code for Etsy.

Read the Terms and Services and then scroll down to the bottom and click "I Agree".  Take your time to read through the terms and make sure you really agree.

Once you agree, you will be taken to a screen that gives you the Google Analytics code - and to be honest - YOU DO NOT NEED ANY OF THIS .  Just Click Finish at the bottom.


You will then be taken back to your dashboard and you will see your Account has been set up.  There is a yellow Yeild sign telling you that your code is not implemented, but don't worry about this right now.  What you want to look for is the UA-#######-# code right next to the name you gave your new account.  This is the code we want to use for Etsy.  Copy that and then go back to your Etsy account screen with the Google Analytics tracking instructions.

Enter Your Google Tracking ID into Etsy

Now take the Google UA Code you just copied and paste it into the box in Step 2 that says enter your Google Tracking Code ID within the Etsy Analytics tools.

Once the code is copied into the box, click the "Save Changes" button and you are all done!

Now go back to your Google Analytics account and sign out.  You can check your Google Analytics account tomorrow to see the tracking started.