As for today 23/07/2012, there is a small bug that makes it a bit difficult to add an InfoBarrel article to Pinterest. Here is an article about how to do it.

Update 05/09/2012: you can actually pin your IB articles quite easily if you are using firefox thanks to this extension. Thanks to thewinking for mentioning it.

1. Find the picture you want to use from your InfoBarrel article

Choose the picture you want to use and download it on your PC. This is temporary, so you can download it, everywhere you want. Remember that Pinterest is mostly based on photo, so even the most daring titles will not help you if you don't use a nice photo. 

2. Log in Pinterest and add a pin


  • log in Pinterest
  • click on the Add+ button on the left of "About" which is itself on the left of your profile name
IB PinterestCredit: adragast
  • choose "Upload a Pin", not "Add a Pin"
IB Pinterest 2Credit: adragast
  • click on "choose" and select the photo you downloaded to your PC in step 1
  • some options should then appear: you can select the board which should contain this pin (you can even create a new board for this pin) and enter a description of your article (it can be the title of your article at InfoBarrel)
IB Pinterest 3Credit: adragast

3. Edit your pin

Find your pin in your Boards, select it and edit it (actually you should see it right away after adding it).

IB Pinterest 4Credit: adragast

You can change the description, even select another board (if you forgot to select the correct board like I always do for example). Then, the important part is to enter the URL of your InfoBarrel article. You can find it at InfoBarrel, in your "Content", right click, and something like "copy link address" (NB: I use Opera, you may have a different name for this).

IB Pinterest 6Credit: adragast IB Pinterest 5Credit: adragast

NB2: for your Pinterest pin, you can see the title/description under the image on the right. You can then check for example if you find the description too long or too short, ... (I try to make it on one line but that's mainly personal)

NB3: I have blackened the number of views, likes and comments on my article because I am shy. Don't worry if you don't have the black rectangle on your InfoBarrel page


Thanks for reading this short article, it was only to help you pin your InfoBarrel articles. The admins will probably correct the bug and then you will be able to use the "Add a Pin" option (no more download to your PC, no more "edit the link" etc...).

Sorry if you find this article a bit too extremely-step-by-step oriented, if you think my images are bad or if you don't find my explanations clear (if this is the case, you are still invited to leave a comment). I tried to make it as easy to follow as possible but I did not devote too much time either...

If you liked this article a lot and want to help me in return, simply be nice with other people in your life. Nothing can make me more happy than knowing I have made this world a little bit better :-)