There are many ways to improve your ranking in Google. Yet many people tend to forget to improve their on-site SEO. However nowadays on-site SEO seems to die out, I disagree. You can save yourself tons of work on building links by just adjusting your meta keywords and description. How do I add a meta description and keywords to my website? If you have access to your website's HTML then it's easy as pie. Just open/edit the HTML page which you want to optimize, if it's a blogger blog for example go to your dashboard -> layout -> edit html. Here you will see everything that is needed to produce your blog's pages. Now a website consists of 2 big parts; an head and a body. The head is not displayed and contains information about your website, while the body contains the HTML which is used to display text on your website. Find the place where the head tag starts, an head tag looks like this: < head > and ends further down with < / head > (remove the spaces) Put this code right into it (adjust it to your personal website):

< meta content='Make money online, keywords, website, seo' name='keywords' / >
Notice the name: Meta Content? That is supposed to go together with other meta tags, so if you see one, you know where to place it. It doesn't really matter where you place it in the head but it does make it more easy to find it later on and make some minor adjustments to it. How to add meta keywords
Have a look at the image I uploaded which can be seen above, although the keywords etc are in dutch, there is no difference in the code tag. Simply type it over or take the code which is posted in the quotes above. Then add it to your head. It is important to add the right and relevant keywords to your website. If you place irrelevant keywords in the meta content then it will only work against you, lowering your rankings for your main keywords. Like for example on my own diving blog; I only added a few extra keywords (be sure to limit it to 15 at max) and a few days later when Google came by, my ranking for my main keyword: "snuba tips" went from 5 to the first place. If you are building backlinks, make sure the anchor text used for the links also contain some words of the keywords you've put in the meta keywords. This ensures that Google knows perfectly what your articles and website are all about.