In today's society; we no longer can add numbers in our head. Today everything goes at a much faster pace. Numbers play a big part in today's world. We using numbers every day of our life. We use numbers in our career and also in our daily life. Going to the grocery store; the items that you purchase are added at the register when you check out. Technology has brought us many valuable electronics. Let's take a look at some of the technology that helps us to add numbers quickly.

Things You Will Need

adding machines, computers. pocket calculators, pen calculators, registers, cell phones

Step 1

Many years ago this was a popular adding machine. This was better than trying to add everything on paper. This machine was simple and did not require electricity.

Step 2

Technology has tremendously progressed over the years. From small calculators to large. Calculators can use batteries, electricity or solar powered.

Step 3

Small and unique item; the pen calculator. You can write with this pen and also use as a calculator to add numbers.

Step 4

The cell phone today has become very popular. A phone that you take with you on the go. Today's cell phone also have calculators built right into the phone.

Step 5

Computers have gone from commercial businesses; right into our homes. On the computer you can use the calculator to do all your adding.

As time has progressed; so has our technology. Technology has brought us many electronics to help us keep up with a fast growing industry. We can add on calculators much faster than trying to add in our head.

Tips & Warnings