It's widely known that iPod (either Nano or Touch) can show you the lyrics of a playing song, but to do so the lyrics should be injected into the audio file. There are some iTunes plugins (mostly for Mac, but there are some for Windows too) which can do the trick and fetch proper lyrics from Internet to your iTunes library. But it is necessary to consider the fact that some users either do not like or are not able to use iTunes for various reasons (and me personally among them). For example, if you have Linux running on your machine then there is no chance for you to run iTunes. Or perhaps you have your music library stored in PC at home and you wish now to synchronize podcasts with the office computer (iTunes hates to share iPod between two or more computers, and that means that iTunes is not applicable in this particular case). As for me, my preference is Floola for it is a free iPod-manager that absolutely fits my requirements, and moreover is significantly faster than iTunes . However is there any possibility to have lyrics on the iPod without using iTunes?

Well, if you have a wish to have the lyrics of your favorite songs with you on your iPod but without using iTunes (no matter for what reason) then follow these simple steps:

1. Check whether your system has JVM (Java virtual machine) installed. If not then go and get it, there are virtual machines for any systems (Windows, Mac or Linux, see the links below).

2. Download a Java application called cosmoLyric from its homesite (it is free, see the links below) 

3. Run it by double-clicking on cosmoLyrics.jar file

4. Press the "Add Files" button, select the needed files or folders, and press "Open"

5. Press "Fetch Lyrics" and wait till the program reports that the fetching is completed

6. Close cosmoLyrics now, and add the processed files to your iPod using your favorite iPod manager (iTunes is also possible).

7. While listening to a song on iPod press the Center button four times and the lyrics of the song you are playing will appear on the screen.

8. Enjoy it now!!

To get the program work correctly be sure that:

  • You are online

  • All files have ID3 tags filled with proper band and song fields. If in doubt get Mp3tag and check them (see the links below)

  • All files are not write-protected, and you have an access rights to modify them