Mozilla firefox has been gainining popularity over the years. One of it's speciality was it never allowed unnecessary popup windows. But sometimes we may require popups to work with some websites. Popups aren't all scams, stupid ads, or annoying. Many legitimate sites use them as well. Here are a few tips on how to allow popups in Mozilla Firefox.

Things You Will Need

Mozilla firefox, firefox plugin

Step 1

On many occasions, when a popup is blocked by firfox, a message in the upper left hand corner says that firefox has blocked popups, but on the the right side it says options, where you can allow the popups. But this option to allow the popups in firefox doesn't come always.

Step 2

From within Firefox, click on the tools menu and click the Options tab. Now,Select the Content tab. Click on the Exceptions button. Now, to allow the popups, give the names of the websites in which popups should be allowed for firefox. You can give any no of sites here. Again, click on OK and the job is done.

Step 3

Even if you do all these settings changes, It is found that sometimes Mozilla firefox doesn't allow popups from some sites. You can use several firefox add-ons to allow popups. popupallow,popupmaster are a few good add-ons. You can download these and install in your browser.


Tips & Warnings

Don't allow all popups when the browser asks you to do so. Sometimes they may contain links to spamwares.