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You may have heard the term feng shui before, and some of you may be experienced in practising it, but many people still don’t fully understand what it actually means. Put simply, feng shui is the art of balancing the energies within a space to provide good fortune to those who dwell within said space. Developed in China over 3000 years ago, feng shui is steeped in symbolism and ancient history, and although it is incredibly hard to master there are those who consider themselves professional consultants.


The benefits of feng shui may not be instantly recognisable, but many believe that you can use it to develop a space that is energizing yet restful, a space that will allow you, and your ideas, to prosper and thrive. People have also been known to use the practise to help them solve financial problems and recover from emotional traumas.


It’s disappointing that most bedrooms will not be able to perfect feng shui due to the location of the room and the lack of control over the area surrounding your bedroom; however there are certain tips you can follow to help the feng shui of your bedroom and create a more positive flow of energies where you sleep.


There are some basic rules which can be applied to your bed in order to create a well-balanced harmonious atmosphere:

  • Ensure you have a bedside table either side of the bed
  • Your bed should be easy get in from both sides
  • Don’t line the bed directly up with the door
  • Ensure your mattress is right for you and the sheets are of a good quality
  • Keep the colour of your bed sheets are soothing, and make sure it matches with the rest of the room


Following these guidelines will bring good feng shui to your bedroom, and there are plenty of other tips you can follow to help better your rooms feng shui.


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Keep a fresh flow of air coming through your bedroom. Opening a window often or using air-purifiers will help aid oxygen flow, allowing the stale, pollutant filled air to escape and promoting good feng shui.


Keep lighting appropriate. Light is a very strong manifestation of energy and is a great nutrient; letting in as much natural light during the day as possible and dimming the electric lights in the afternoon using candles and low-level lamps are great ways to keep positive energies flowing through your bedroom.


Tidy up and close all the doors in your bedroom before you go to sleep. Keeping a clear and tidy space helps you keep a clearer head and can reduce stress, which is vital to achieving good feng shui. Making sure all your bedroom doors are closed, even drawers and closets, before you settle down at night keeps a good flow of energy within the bedroom and is thought to be nourishing to your health.


Be careful of what images you put on your walls and what you have on display. Avoid using pictures that interpret sadness or loneliness, and steer clear of aggressive or dull looking objects, such as figurines or a bust. Try to keep all the images in your bedroom positive, you should generally choose images of things you aspire to, or pictures that you feel happy waking up to. Any items in your bedroom should promote happiness, relaxation or love. You can even find specific feng shui shaped items, that represent the symbols from the practise in sculpted form, these will be best to achieve the best harmony..


Don’t include electronics such as the TV or computer within your bedroom. These will just distract from your rest and completely destroy any good feng shui energy.