Government Grant Resources

Education Grants. Get all the available information for the school that you want to apply for. Make sure you have already chosen a school and have a general idea of how much it's going to cost you in tuition and housing etc. Go to after filling out the application and fill out the applications given for each grant. You will need to know what bracket your income falls under and your parents if you are claimed as a dependent.

Small Business start-up Grants. The government provides grants to fund start up businesses or even businesses in financial hardship. You must have tax returns, pay roll records and overhead (cost of operations) all available as this will be required in the application process. Go to and apply for this loan, you will receive a decision from the government within 6 months.

Disaster loans. The government and SBA provide loans to businesses, homeowners and renters to repair roofs or damaged property due to weather or biological disasters. You will be required to present quotes from the repair companies and eventually you will be mailed a check once the application process is complete and your loan is approved.

Housing grants. awards grants to groups and organizations that enables individuals to gain affordable or free housing. HUD also helps organizations such as churches for community purposes. You can visit the HUD website and provide which community or church you represent or if you are an individual, you will have to fill out employment and income related information.

Environmental Grants. Environmental grants are similar to community grants but involve companies transitioning into a more Eco-friendly environment to benefit both the employees and the environment. You may also apply for individual Eco grants that fund solar panels, Eco-friendly air conditioners and more. You will have to visit and explain why you need the funds and how your contribution will help the environment.

Community Grants. If you are interested in applying for a community agency grant, you can go to and fill out the application, you will be asked where you live and what project you wish to contribute to, why you need the funds and you will need to have some form of a blueprint or (plan) to present. As long as the operation is in the city in which you live and has been in operation for more than 5 years, you are eligible and may apply.