How to Apply Perfect Liquid Eyeliner

Applying liquid eyeliner for the first time can be daunting, get it right it looks fantastic, get it wrong and there's no hiding the mistake. Luckily there is a fail-safe method for perfect application everytime. Interested? Read on below.

Liquid eyeliner is simple, stylish and an instant party look. However, it also carries a reputation for being difficult to apply and as such is considered by many as ‘out of their makeup league.’ However, as Sali Huges, Beauty Editor of the Guardian newspaper has just revealed, there is a failsafe method that will produce a perfect, clean line every time. To find out more about this revelation which will change the way you apply liner forever, follow our step by step guide below. 

1)      Apply an eye primer. This will form a base for the liquid to cling on to, and prevent it from depositing itself on your upper lids when you open your eyes.  

2)      Apply your eye shadow. Here creams or ivory work best as darker colours may overstate your look. Keep it classic and simple and make your eyeliner the main statement.

3)      Select your eyeliner. Here you have plenty of choice, pots, gels and pens. The pots and gels are applied with a thin brush, producing a wonderful, rich line but it is more difficult to be precise. Pens are better for beginners as, being a familiar shape, they are easier to control. The downside of pens, according to Sali, is that they run out more quickly. But for beginners this is her recommended starting tool.

4)       Now for the line! Here we use Sali’s brilliant trick which was passed down to her from legendary makeup artist Lynne Easton. Take a sharp, black eyeliner pencil and draw a line just above your lashes. A pencil provides more control, allowing you to draw right down into the lash line. For the most control start in the middle and draw out and then go to the corner and draw in, joining with the original line.

5)       Then decide where you’re going to put your flick by putting the pencil at an angle against the far corner of your eye. Make a dot where the end of your flick will be. Go to your other eye and draw another dot in approximately the same place. The position of your dot will determine how big your flick will be. If you’re new to liquid liner, keep your flick small for a more control.

6)      Now take your liquid pen and trace over the pencil from the inner corner to the outer.  You will find that the liner does not run away with you as it normally would as the pencil serves as a grip which the liquid clings to.

7)      When you reach the outer corner, trace a line to the dot and then from there sweep the pen back down and across angle to join your lash line. Then do the same with the other eye.

8)      Finished. If you’re new to eyeliner try this technique and create a perfect line every time every time without stress, mess or hassle.  Go on, give it a try!