Women are instantly attracted to value. Many men think this value has to be in the form of money, power or status. However, this is not true. Most women find social value the most important. Money will only attract gold-diggers and the women you don’t want. Nonetheless many men have problems with conveying high social value. They become nervous when they are talking with beautiful women. The purpose of this article therefore is to indicate how you can attract women with social value.

20 ways of social value

There are twenty things you have to pay attention to, in order to score models or get that hot girl from your class you always wanted.

  1. Strong eye contact. Never break eye contact first when in conversation with a woman.
  2. Be loud. The loudest guys get noticed. Talking with low volume shows low confidence.
  3. Commanding tonality.  If you sound authoritative, you will seem more high value.
  4. Unreactivity.  Your emotional state must be stable at all times. Don’t let your feelings depend on the reaction of the woman.
  5. Leading the conversation.  Control what is being said. Lead the direction of the conversation.
  6. Good body language. Take up space.
  7. Self-amusement. Enjoy yourself and don’t care about what anyone else thinks of it. Say things you find funny.
  8. State your opinion. High value people always state their opinion, and don’t care what other people think about this opinion.
  9. Statements not questions. Statements are always more authoritative than questions.
  10. Lower the bar for subjects to talk about.  If you talk nonsense, it conveys you don’t really care how the conversation will go; as a consequence the girl will think you are high value.
  11. Show intent. Be direct in your desires. It shows to the girl you do not fear to put your personality on the line.
  12. Commanding attention. If she drifts away with her thoughts or just isn’t giving you full attention, call her on it! A high value person assumes that when he is talking, people listen.
  13. Be more comfortable than the girl. Never lean into her, and avoid standing while she is sitting.
  14. Entitlement. You feel that you deserve the girl. If you don’t feel deserving, she will not want you.
  15. Indifference. You are indifferent to the outcome of the conversation. You really don’t care if you kiss her or that she rejects you. If she doesn’t like you, you can go talk to trillions of other women on the planet.
  16. Be unapologetic. Do not try to please people. Just say how it is.
  17. Escalation. When they time is ripe, escalate the conversation.
  18. Abundance mindset.  This point related to indifference. There are so many women in the world, if this single one doesn’t like you, there are so many other opportunities.
  19. Non-judgmental. This characteristic is not only crucial for pickup, but your social life in general. People do not like judgmental people.
  20. Stand out, be unique. It is very important to stand out from the crowd. Be different than all the other guys.

All these points can be boiled down into one thing: Become more comfortable in your own skin. It is almost impossible to micro manage all these points in every conversation. When you get more comfortable in your own skin, most problems will auto-correct.