Save Your Relationship

I bet you’re reading this because you’re either in a big
fight or want to avoid a big fight that may or may not lead to a breakup. Well
you came to the right place. One thing for sure is if you’re researching on how
to keep your relationship, you’re definitely in love with the girl. Let's begin
with a little back story on me and then how you could use my experiences on
your relationship.

Now I’m not a dating professional, or match maker, or
therapist of any sort. I’m just a guy who loves his woman. I admit I mess up, sometimes
really bad. We fight about real things, we have been on a verge of breaking up,
but we are still together because we work on our relationship and we love each
other to the end.

Let’s start on getting her to listen to you because you’re
probably wondering how you could fix anything if she won’t even talk to you. If
you’re fighting because YOU messed up you’re going to have to work extra. A
girl puts up a wall and you’re going to have to figure out how to bring it down
before you can say anything that she will listen to. To do this talk about
something that you did that your relationships foundation sits on. This is
easier to do then, if you been together longer and have more memories. Perhaps how
you even met and how you felt the first time you kissed her, or asked her out. Talk
about you having butterflies in your stomach.( Guys you know you get them to,
talk about your feelings, it goes a long way trust me. I know it’s hard, I have
always been the “I don’t care, I’m a real man” type of guy, that doesn’t work
if you want a long term relationship, so get off your high horse).   

Once that's done admit fault and say that you’re an idiot
and you can't believe you could even do something that risks your relationship.
Tell her how much she means to you. How much you appreciate her and the things
she does for you, name the things. This part you have to mean too, otherwise she
will read you and call you on your bluff. (And if you don’t mean it, this
article is not for you.)

If you have done this right you have another chance.
Treat your girl extra like a princess for the next two weeks if not forever and
your set. Now try figuring out how to not screw up. It's easy really. Just
don't be selfish. Put her first and love her, there’s a phrase that suits all
types of relationships, happy wife, happy life.