Making money online is in huge demand for many stay at home parents, students and those like myself who are trying to improve their financial status. There are many opportunities online which help people earn an income working from home. However there are also many scam sites which will promise you riches overnight and fail to deliver. As a result of such scams many people turn their back on making money online as they believe all money makers are scams and do not exist. There are several things you can do to recognise an online scam site.

1 Avoid get rich quick schemes

Is there such a thing as get rich quick in the offline world, I do not think so, and online is no different. If you have a site promising you thousands of dollars within a few weeks, do not join. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. If you could make thousands of dollars that easily no one would have sn offline job as everyone would work online.

2) Do not pay to join sites

Many sites such as MLM schemes and survey sites request people pay a joining fee and sometimes a monthly membership fee. I suggest you do not pay these fees as all survey sites are free to join. MLM is also a very tough business and unless you have a big presence on the internet you are unlikely to earn money from this. There are many free sites which let you make money online so stay away from those sites that charge fees. The fee charge is sometimes the only form of income some sites make.

3) Read the site FAQ and TOS

Before you join a site you must examine the frequently asked questions and terms of service. There is no point in joining a site that pays through paypal if you cannot get a paypal account. Additionally some sites are only available to residents of the USA, so no point in joining if you are from the UK. If a site does not pay you because you do not qualify for payment it is not a scam site, it is your job to verify a site before joining.

4) Find out what others think

If you are planning on joining a new money making site, ask what other users think of the site. Search forums and google for reviews and payment proofs from the site. If you cannot find any evidence of payments or any reviews then there is a chance the site is either new or else is a scam.

If you follow these pointers on how to recognise a scam when trying to make money online, hopefully you will fall in with the genuine opportunities which will let you make some extra cash.