Fighting hangovers

Most of us have waked up the day after a night out and wished that we could turn back time to tell our selves to drink less or nothing the night before. But when you first are in the situation and having fun, it is easy to forget about the hangovers you will be facing the next day.

Avoiding Hangovers 

There are no ways you can completely avoid hangovers, unless you avoid drinking, but there are tricks to make the following day a little less painfull.

Drink water

Alcoohol just like coffee is diuretic, which means that when you drink it, you will loose more water than you take in. That's why it is very important to remeber having a glass of water once in a while during the evening. Before you go to sleep, try to force your self to drink a huge glass of water with a little salt in it.

Bright alcohol

The best way to create a big buzz is to mix all sorts of different alcohol types. But this also makes your hangovers worse. Dark alcohol like redwine and cognac should be avoided. Instead drink bright alcohol types like beer, vodka or white wine.

Remember to eat 

Alcohol are absorbed much faster on an empty stomach. Therefore you have to remeber to eat something robust that absorbes some of the alcohol.

Women should drink less

I'm not being sexistic, but it is a biological fact that women can't take as much alcohol as men. So if you are a female out with the boys, you should not try to drink them under the table. 

Throw up

This is perhaps not the most delicious advice, but by throwing up, you empty your stomach from all the alcohol it contains.

Cactus extract

Extract from the mexican nopal cactus are believed to reduce hangovers. You can buy this extract in pill forms. It is not scientific proved to remove hangovers though.

The next day

Walking up the next day, hopefully you should feel a little better if you have followed the advice above. But there are also several steps you can do the day after to feel a little better.

Water and aspirins

Even though you have been drinking a lot of water the day before, you should still drink lot of liquids the next day. If you are drinking something else than water, drink milk rather than juice. Milk neutralizes acid fluids. Take aspirins to prevent headache.

Banana and alcohol

Bananas increases the amount of serotonin to the brain. This helps to boost your mood.
A little alcohol can also help to remove the hangovers. Try to make a banana smoothie with a little vodka. Don't drink more alcohol than that as that wont help.

Just a little coffee

Coffe can make you more fresh, but try to avoid too much coffee as this will also drain your body from fluids. Tea is a good alternative.

Drink responsible

This is not an ecouragement to drink more often, but an encouragement to drink more wisely. No matter what you do to prevent hangovers, drinking alcohol wont become more healthy. 

Avoid Hangovers

Prevent hangovers