Getting rid of Laziness for good

A person who is lazy is considered to be slothful, idle and sluggish. With unappealing synonyms like those why would anyone want to be lazy? Laziness should be avoided at all times especially when it hinders you from achieving your goals and living a satisfying life.  In this article I am going to demonstrate ways in which anyone can get rid of their lackadaisical tendencies.

  1. Don’t procrastinate. Try to do all your activities and work on time
  2. Don’t sleep late because that can bring about sluggishness. Set a time to wake up daily.
  3. Take cold to lukewarm showers if you need to just to be fully awake and energized.
  4. Don’t eat lake. Try to eat a healthy breakfast that will give you energy throughout the day. At all cost please avoid the daily consumption of eating unhealthy food such as fast food that can make you tired and hungrier because it can make you even more sluggish.
  5. Create a daily schedule full of daily activities to accomplish.
  6. Don’t hang out with other lazy persons because you are who you associate yourself with. Bond with people who are active and self motivated.
  7. Change your lazy attitude. Try to be ambitious and set goals for yourself and achieve them. Make sure those goals sure those goals are attainable. If not you will be less likely to follow through with them.
  8. Avoid being bored or saying that you are bored. Change your negative attitude because there are lots of things to do in this world. No one should have an excuse for not doing anything even if they happen to be retired.
  9. Challenge yourself and mind everyday to keep you emotionally and physically active. For example, try exercising daily or play challenging games to keep your brain cells active. Please avoid video games at all cost that can suck you in to your old habit.  Try games like sudoku and scrabble or go to the Library.
  10. Always remember that persistence fights laziness.