How to avoid high pressuring selling


My previous article “How to get the Best price without negotiating”

Raised a question of how salesmen can make you feel like their friends which can make it difficult when making decisions.

As in all professions it would be foolish to assume that salesman is the same but salesmen are very professional and are trained in different aspects of their job. Making the customer feel at ease is certainly a skill at the top of their armoury; this is called “The Preamble”   


In sales training the preamble is the early time spent making the customer feel very much at ease, this is more familiar with indirect sales where the salesmen will visit your home and they will take the sales presentation very slowly until you are answering many questions which will have very little in connections with the product that they are trying to sell.


There will be photographs around the room of Children, Grandchildren, favourite holidays, each will open up conversation and slowly you will start to be very much at ease in their company

This skill is perfected and vital information will start to be revealed somewhere in the conversation will be about your employment.

Most people like to talk about their work and for the salesman this will give them a very good idea about salary.

A good salesman will not move the presentation forward until he is confident that he is gaining your trust.

It is so important to keep control of the conversation and move back to the reason he or she is there, no one likes to be rude but bring the conversation back to business at every opportunity and eventually they will have no alternative.

Another method which will be used to gain your confidence will be the introduction of special offers “Just for you”.

Once their trust has been gained it is very easy to believe that they genuinely are trying to save you money and you could find it difficult to say “No” when they ask for the order.

There will be some genuine salesmen and women who are just trying to their job correctly and are also just nice people unfortunately it is not always possible to distinguish one from the other on the early stage.

The  professional salesman will move on very quickly as he is aware that he is taking up more of your time on trivial matters and will get straight back to his work.


Finally if you find it very difficult to say no one sure method that will always stop the salesman from pressurizing you is to invent a third party whose opinion you either must listen to or you respect their advice and you will not make any decision until you have spoken to them when they return from holiday.