maximize the fun with these tips

Disney World has always been a popular vacation destination that many families look forward to visiting. Planning ahead can help save time and money, and can also help maximize the fun and number of rides that you can enjoy while on you vacation. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you with your trip planning and help you spend less time in line and more time enjoying your vacation.

Hidden magic at Walt Disney World book

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World

Your first step should be to decide when to go to Walt Disney World. The worst times to attend will be during spring breaks, holidays, summer and weekends. If you wait to go during the off-season, not only will it be less crowded, but you will also save you money because you will be charged less for things such as hotel rooms and vacation rental houses. The off-season starts in the fall and lasts until spring, except during holidays.

Next you should decide what rides and attractions that you want to attend. This will help you map out the routes to take and where to go first. There are certain times of the day that lines are shorter for rides and other attractions. Lines for rides are often shorter early in the morning and during the evening.

Don’t be afraid of using fastpasses, they are free to anybody with a Disney admittance ticket. This is a feature that lets you avoid waiting in long lines at some attractions giving you more time to experience the magic of Walt Disney World. Getting a fastpass is simple, just place your park ticket in the fastpass machine and it will print a receipt with a time printed on the front. When you return during the time printed on your receipt you can avoid waiting in line with the pass. Try to get these early in the day because only a certain number of them are issued during the day.
                                     Star Tours: The Adventures Continue FastPass Machine(94166)Credit: Loren Javier
Be sure to have lunch around 11 A.M. instead of waiting until noon. Needless to say the food vendors are very crowded from noon until around one or two in the afternoon. During that time you can go back to the attractions since the masses will be eating.

The afternoon is the busiest time for Disney World,  and is also the hottest part of the day. This is a good opportunity to take a break and do some shopping or maybe attend a show and stay out of the heat. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated because it is easy to forget to drink while having fun. You can also eat an early dinner during this time before the masses get hungry, or skip dinner until after you leave for the day.



During the evening the crowds will start to thin out giving you another chance to catch some more attractions. This could be the best time to ride the rides because it is also the time that a lot of people will eat dinner before the fireworks display.

Remember that you are on vacation to have fun and following these tips can help give you a day of fun-filled experiences while avoiding long lines.