Sometimes it's just annoying to wait three, four or maybe more hours for your game to download from steam. That's bad enough but what if you have to wipe your computer! Then what, you're stuck waiting another four hours where a hiccup in the connection could sever the download and corrupt it. If you purchase a second computer or wipe your existing computer and want to reinstall your games without waiting on the internet. You will learn how to backup your games to your hard drive then write them to dvds and reinstall them. It's a cinch with this guide.

Things You Will Need

The things you will need are:
Steam and a valid account
At least one game to back up
2-4 dvds depending on size of game
6-13 Cd if you don't have Dvds(not recomended)
Dvd drive that can read and write.

Step 1

Backing up your game(s) The first thing you'll need to do is open up steam. After your steam account has finished connecting locate the My Games tab. Once you have found the list of games, first go and click on file then click on Back Up Games.

Step 2

Choosing the games you want to back up Once you click the back up games screen you will be presented with a list of games to back up. You can check as many or as little as you want. On the bottom, it will present the size of the Full game file. This most likely won't fit on one disk so we will have to split it up

Step 3

Choosing Save location Once you click next, you will be presented with the location of where your game will be saved when backing it up. The default location is in the same folder of your steam download in C:program filessteamBackups. You can change the location of the download to any place you want. I prefer to put it in on my D or my second drive in case I lose my C or main drive so I won't have to re-download the entire game. On the bottom it will show the size of your game next to the disks space available, this is good for seeing how much space you will have left after you back it up and whether you should keep the download file after you put it on the dvds for archival purposes.

Step 4

Choosing Backup type When backing up your game, it will be too large to save onto one disk. Steam automatically divides the file into several smaller ones. There are presets for both dvds and cds. You can also manually choose which size you want but, for backing up with disks, Dvd is the best.

Step 5

Now you'll have to wait about an hour for the game to backup. Backing up is not that resource intensive so you can do other tasks while it downloads.

Step 6

Moving to Disk First you'll need to insert the Dvd into your dvd burner.Once you place it in, it will most likely take a few minutes to recognize. If, given the choice through a pop up, place files on the disk using windows. If not prompted click on your CD drive on my computer and it will take a few minutes to format. Then go into the directory that you saved you game into. Drag the file named Disk 1 and drag it onto the disk. you may have to wait 5 or 10 minutes for the disk to burn. Do this to all the disks you need.

Step 7

Finding the file This step is very easy. Insert the dvd into your computer and locate the steambackup.exe file on the disk and double click it. One you double click the file a prompt will guide you through the installation process.
Now that you know how to backup your games you'll only need to install them once! You can easily transport them and treat them more like disk installed games and keep your install safe so you don't lose anything.

Tips & Warnings

Using Dvds is alot quicker and easier
The amount of dvds steam says it needs is always off by one so add one to its total.
I use lightscribe to label the disks so I know which disk they are and make them look professional.