MS Outlook users often need to backup PST file to overcome the data loss that may hit you due to PST corruption, which is quite common issue. PST can be damaged due to various reasons like sudden system shut down, hardware failure, virus attack, etc. After the PST gets damaged, Outlook PST repair needs to be done if backup of the corrupt PST file is not available. In that scenario, backing up the PST is recommended and for this purpose, you can use CD or DVD to create backup of the PST file.

To create backup of PST on CD or DVD, you need a CD / DVD burning application like Nero. If you have that application then execute the following steps to know how to burn PST on CD or DVD and if you do not have the application then download it from Internet and then execute the following steps:

  • Start the CD / DVD burning application.
  • Insert blank CD / DVD in the CD ROM or DVD Writer.
  • Select an option to create data disk and select the PST file that you want to burn on the storage media. If you do not know the location of PST file then go to Windows Search companion and type *.pst in the search bar and hit the ENTER button. Within a moment you will see the location of PST file.
  • Now, make it sure that MS Outlook or any other application using PST is not running. It is suggested that you close all running applications except the one that you need to burn PST.

Start the burning process and within few moments, PST will be there on the CD / DVD that you have used to burn PST to overcome PST repair.

This PST can be used to replace the corrupt one in future, if you are hit by PST corruption. However, sometimes it happens that when you are trying to store PST from backup media, you get "abc.pst is not a personal folders file" error message. This error message means, the backup PST has also been damaged or you might have not created its backup properly. This means both the original PST and backup PST are damaged.

At this moment, you need an Outlook PST repair tool like Kernel for Outlook, which can effectively repair the corrupt PST in no mean of time. Kernel for Outlook is known to repair PST with full accuracy whereas recovering permanently deleted items. The software supports all versions of MS Outlook, such as Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000.