Many of us are guilty of using the classic excuse " I didnt have time to study bc I went out last night"

But we forget that the best excuse is none at all and for that reason here are some ways you can healthy study habits and still enjoy your college social experience

1. Alot of us need to remember that we shouldnt be in school for our parents but to actually get some type of education so we can be atleast remotely competitive in this cuthroat job market

2. COLLEGE IS NOT FREE... whether your paying it off on loans or your parents are paying for it ... even if you have a scholarship that doesnt mean theres not stipulations on keeping that scholarship

3. For the guys you will never lose women chasing money but you will lose money chasing woman... remember the bad boy stage in girls only last so long pretty soon after this short stage they want someone who is educated that truly has something to offer...females will come and go but the opportunity for a good education is priceless

4. Try to stay away from the friends who you have never seen OPEN A BOOK!! usually these are the ones who end up being the bad influence on you and there college career usually last a semester then back to working back home at Mcdonalds as a actually CAREER

5.Probably the most important thing is getting your work done when there is still daylight... some of us have claimed to do are best work when we procrastinate but how would you truly know the difference when you alwyas procrastinate!!!.... doing your work a little bit in the daytime and taking 2 hours out of your chill time can save you headache at trying to complete assignments and study at the last minute.