If you have lots of document files with titles that include dashes, numbers or are all lowercase you can edit them in batches with Total Commander. With the Total Commander software you can select and edit multiple file titles all at once. It's a great multiplatform utility compatible with the Windows, Mac and Android platforms.

Once you've added Total Commander to Windows, open the software package window in the shot below. From that window you can select a batch of files to edit by right-clicking them. All the selected files are then highlighted red.

Total Commander1

When you have selected a batch of files, select Files > Multi-Rename Tool. That should open the window below with your selected files in it. Here there are lots of editing options with which you can edit a variety of file titles with.

Total Commander2

To show you what this package can do, I have selected four of my documents. They are as follows: best soccer goal-keepers, torbay1, 5 registry cleaners and Italy v Argentina. All could do with a little editing.

With the Total Commander software the hyphens, numbers and v can be removed from the titles. You can do that by inputting the following in the Search for box: v|-|1|5. Each | pipe (press the Shift and \ key to input them) is or. As such, it's more like: v or - or 1 or 5.

Below that you can then input something into the Replace with box. In that box I input: versus|||five. Thus, the versus replaces the v, the hyphen and one are removed and five replaces 5. You must input the same number of pipes (|) as in the Search for box. The new document titles are then shown on the right as in the shot below.

Total Commander2
There is also an Uppercase/lowercase drop-down list. Click on the menu to open the drop-down list which includes various Uppercase/lowercase options. In the shot above I selected the First of each word uppercase option.

Then click on the Start option to edit, or rename, the file titles. That then edit all of the selected titles. In much the same way, you can edit a variety of document titles.