How to be Alluring J-Law Style

Alluring is an adjective that means attractive and fascinating (thank you Encarta), and we must admit that while this word describes the movie Hunger Games: Catching Fire(with its box office gross still climbing and climbing!), it is also perfectly apt for its main character, Katniss Everdeen.

Katniss’ allure radiates beyond the wide-screen and is exuded by its star-Jennifer Lawrence.  What makes J-Law attractive? What causes us to be so fascinated with her?

Check out three things she does that trigger us to type her name in the search engine just to know her more:

She Offers Just Enough

Just enough and according to how much you invest in her, she doesn’t offer nothing, but she also doesn’t give you everything.Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger GamesCredit:

Showing of skin, for instance. Yes, she shows her skin.  Heck, she has posed in a magazine wearing only brassiere and panties, but she chooses how much she shows, when to show it and how to show it.  She still leaves something to one’s imagination.  And she doesn’t show everything at once.

If we want to see her half-nude then we have to watch her movie X-Men: First Class. Then again, her baring wasn’t some catchy-trashy loss of self-preservation which eventually leads us to disgust.  Instead, it was artistically done, for a reasonable and justifiable cause.

Her being emanates with “If you want more, you have to come closer.  I have more to give you but I can only do so if you devote the right amount of your resources to me.  I really am more than meets the eye and you will like what I have in me”.

Such mystery causes us to draw closer, look more, and delve deeper into the kind of person J-Law is.  Thus our fascination grows.

She Is Fierce yet Kind

Her fierceness shows up in her humor or in her being unafraid to share what is on her mind and do something “improper” at the expense of her reputation.  Imagine implying “shitting on your pants” in a televised interview for all the viewers to hear!

Grossly unglamorous, huh?  And it wasn’t her only unrestrained remark thrown out for the whole technologically-dependent people to pick up.

She also has the audacity to show what she’s got.  Brashness to style her hair the way she wants to.  The nerve to wear eye-catching or daring outfits that invite both admiration and derision (depending on the spectator’s bias, of course).

Still, she is thoughtful of her actions.  She has always been seen polished - indicating her respect for our sensibilities and desire to see something pleasant.

She teases people right in their faces but hasn’t been known to backstab or insult anybody or say something personally distasteful against someone and name that somebody for the whole publishing world to write about.  

Her Hunger Games co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth mentioned how she diluted a usually awkward kissing scene with laughter and jokes, putting everybody at-ease.  And of course there is the hugging of a girl with mobile disability during one of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire premieres.

Her courage to be who she is plus the understated tenderness beneath her eccentricity tug our hearts and make us want her more.

She Presents Her Best in What She is Doing

This is gonna be brief because, admit it, she’s doing a great job as an actress palpably.  Her Jennifer Lawrence Anne HathawayCredit: for acting are numerous compared to her contemporaries.  Two of the most prominent are her Oscar nomination for Best Actress in the 2010 “Winter’s Bone” and her Academy Award for Best Actress for last year’s “Silver Linings Playbook”.

She is performing her finest for us to see and for us to enjoy.  Hence, our interest and fancy.

There you go.  Three things we see in J-Law’s life, so far, that draws us to her and make us key her name in the search engine.

Mystery.  Considerate boldness.  Taking the best shot.

Possess these three and whether you are a movie personality or not, you will definitely have people look up your name.  On FB and Twitter, you name it.  So go ahead and have fun being alluring!