The modern globalized high competition society requires us to accomplish progressively more. It forces us to deliver ever improving returns.
The reason why this is tough is that we aren’t only required to generate more, but all the things we produce needs to be of an even higher quality.

If you are to be able to produce more you may either work a longer time or you could study time management and increase your productivity.

Either way works, but there is a limit to how much time you can spend working, all things considered you just have 24 hours/day.

How I Doubled My Effectiveness
A couple of years ago I was granted the honor to start a brand new office for my employer.
I went from a regular manager role to being in charge of advertising, marketing, recruiting, sales and all the fun administrational obligations that is included in it.

I know what you are thinking, delegate!
However, the problem was that there was no one for me to delegate to, I was by myself at my office.

Everything was up to me;
Sure, as we hired I would have the opportunity to start delegating, however when I started I had to do every little thing personally.

I began working my normal 8-17 and realised I just could not get everything done. I had to work for longer and longer, eventually I worked from seven thirty too ten each and every day (On weekends it was enough with 9-17).

It was of course not sustainable and I knew I had to make a change.
I spoke with my employers but the only thing they could do was offer some tips teaching how to be more efficient, I spoke with my friends who advised me to give up.
Luckily I got guidance from one of my customers to read time management.

I read courses from Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and David Allen, among others. Suddenly I was was back on track. I began delivering much better results. I could start going home earlier, to begin with 9 pm then 8 pm, 7 and then finally at 5 pm like my associates.

The strategies below are the ones that saved me. You may well be using a couple today, however, if you aren’t using all of them, try them out and you should being seeing a difference in what you can generate.

Plan Your Weeks
Begin by listing everything that you are aware of will have to be done over the week (this list can be stored, given that the basic week looks more or less the same), next, I plan it all out.
What can I do Monday, what Tuesday et cetera.

I employ a basic plan for what I do each day and can from there arrange it to help me be as productive as possible.

The ABC Method - Organizing Your Days
Prioritization is definitely the bread and butter of time management. Selecting your most essential project and sticking with it until it is completely finished can save you plenty of time.

You will find 5 forms of jobs (in order of priority).

A - Projects with severe long-term outcomes.
These are tasks that, if done, can have a big effect on your long-term success.

B - Tasks with moderate long-term repercussions

C - Minor long term repercussions

D - Tasks that may be delegated to other individuals.

E - Tasks that must be eliminated.
Some might even have a harmful impact on your future if done.

Prioritize at the start of the day
Every morning go through the tasks you have planned for the day and allocate them a letter.
If you have several of a letter refer to them as A-1, A-2, B-1, B-2 etc ..

Beging with your most crucial task and work through the list

By using these two simple methods your days would be a lot more efficient and you'll be able to produce ever more each day. You are going to produce better results which will help you move forwards rapidly in your career.