emoEmo first developed in the 80's as a musical style. Today, it's better know for the look. Whether you're just going for the look, or you really want to be the real deal, this helpful little article will teach you how to be emo.

Let's start with the clothing. Emo clothes need to have a lot of black. Black shirts, pants, shoes, hair, and anything else you might include in your wardrobe. Don't forget about optional accessories. You might add black fingernails, or a beanie.

Buy clothes that are tight fitting, but not too nice looking. Part of being emo is to feel real and emotional, so the pristine perfectly pressed clothing idea doesn't really fit.

In your quest to be emo you might consider using eye makeup. Grab a small kit to make the skin under your eyes look a little darker. Darker eyes attribute to the real problems of life and the lack of sleep that might result from such problems.

The next step to be emo is the emo hairstyle. With the proper hairstyle you can pull off emo in almost any atmosphere or outfit. Long sweeping hair and unnatural colors immediately hint at emo. Spikes or straightened hair can also elude to the emo style.

Finally you need the emo attitude. To be emo usually means deeply emotional—but can also be depressed, bitter, or unhappy. Don't try to flaunt your emotions and feelings, concentrate more on your personal emotions.