Learning to be Green

 In part 2 of my series I wanted to cover how learning can lead to a Green life.  To live a green sustainable lifestyle you must educate yourself in a new way of thinking about the world.  You must learn new ways to get your food, to travel, to experience, to live in a way that doesn't impact or pollute the environment.  Not only must you learn but you also must share what you know and what you have learned with others.  You must "Spread the Word" to anyone and everyone about what you are doing to live a Green life.   

To “Spread the Word” is the Greenest most environmental thing you can do in your attempt to be Green.  It is not a good to be a closet environmentalist, you must wear that badge loud and proud in order to help you and others live a Green life.  I spread the word by living by example and educating people about the environment whenever I can.  In my community I ride bicycle for everything, not because I have too, because I choose to.  I ride to the library, the grocery store, the post office and just for the fun of it.  If you don’t have a bicycle then good pair of tennis shoes or public transportation can be your friends.  Other things I do include composting my vegetable and fruit scraps, trying to use my A.C as sparingly as possible and growing some of my own food in a community garden.  All of those things give me the chance to share and show that a more sustainable life exists.  Not only is leading by example a good way to be Green but educating others is a crucial part of "Spreading the Word" about a Green lifestyle.  I educate myself through a exhaustive amount of research, and after I have digested it a bit I then share that information through articles like this one and on my blog the  Young Environmentalist

If you are at a loss on ways to learn and  ways to share what your learn or experience you could use,

  1. Crowdsourcing Information sites (e.g-InfoBarrel, e-How, etc.)
  2. Blogging (e.g.Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, etc.)
  3. Random Conversations (my favorite)
  4. Leading by example (growing a garden, riding a bicycle, carpooling)
  5. Subscribing to science articles or websites like Discovery Green, Mother Earth News or Scientific American


"Spreading the Word" also means absorbing in other people’s ideas, passions, concerns and seeing how they affect you and how they can help you lead a Green life.  If we can’t learn from each other on how to live Green then who can we learn from.

So if you see someone in their garden ask them how their veggies are growing and just listen to them gush.  Or strike up a conversation on the next bus ride about how we could improve public transportation.  It can be a easy or hard as you make it. 

So to be sum up how to be Green I have two more bits of advice

  • Learn everything you can about being Green
  • Share everything you learn with anyone that is interested or will even humor you.


Good luck to all of you that wish to have Greener life.  I know that together we can discover a better way to live