Welcome to InfoBarrel! Whatever your motivation for joining IB, one of the most important things to do here is to be a happy and well-informed writer.


1. Start Writing

Even if you have no idea how.

Have you joined InfoBarrel? Consider yourself an expert on the topic but somehow can't get past that writer's block?

Some tips:

  • Don't force yourself to stick to a particular topic just because you're supposed to be an expert.  Your area of expertise might not necessarily be in your line of work.
  • No ideas? Start by listing a problem e.g. Many people are not doing the job they love, followed by ten possible solutions e.g. How to turn your Dream Job into a Reality: Six Steps
  • Don't be afraid to discard or revise drafts until you get something fit for review and publishing.
  • Keep a log or journal of your article ideas. This way, you can work on a few drafts at a time and switch around when you get bored.


2. Work Hard at Quality


How to be Happy Writing at InfoBarrel: Do'sCredit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:ANGELUS

Because a little goes a long way.

Aside from your topic of interest, remember to make the reader a priority.

  • Do your research, fact-checking a few sources at a time to make your writing more credible.
  • Sound grammar and typo-free articles do add to a writer's credibility.
  • Include interesting pictures and videos where applicable.
  • Tell a story. Hone your writing style to be conversational, witty and fun.

One strategy I employ is researching on something I like, and write as if I'm making notes for my future reference e.g. How to Have a Low-Cost Holiday in Japan.

3. Enjoy that First 3 cents of InfoBarrel Earnings

And build on it.

It pays to be penny wise, even if you're writing just for fun.

  • Monetizing via Amazon

A lot of work went into researching and fine-tuning it, so why not take the extra step to recommend a life-changing product? Make sure that you've either tried it yourself or are tempted to buy it too, because of its good reputation, growing popularity, makes people's lives easier, etc. Nobody likes a salesman just out to make money.

But there's no shame in a couple of Amazon product links, especially if they make someone's life better. Remember to test, test and retest those links! To do this, click 'Save and Preview' and open the links in a new tab.

  • Monetizing via SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is basically driving quality and volume of traffic to a website by employing certain keywords of phrases that people are searching for via Yahoo or in most cases, Google.

How this works is that by including those keywords or phrases in your article, you may get more traffic, more clicks on your ads and hence more income.

'SEO Made Simple' is a great book for beginners wishing to learn more about SEO. It's technical without being exhaustive e.g. the section on 'What you Need to Know About Google'  is great for SEO education in general. If you're wishing to learn about SEO for article writing alone, I'd recommend the Kindle edition due to the much lower price plus you get all the other information e.g. Giving people a reason to link, On-page optimization etc.

4. Glean Tips and Inspiration from other IB Writers

Especially featured ones.

One great feature of IB is its quality review process and the featured articles. The review process gives you the assurance that whatever you're reading is of a certain quality. Featured articles can act as a guide as to which topics you might want to focus on.

You can spend time reading other articles, looking at the comments and gauging your own reactions. Do you feel inspired to write something within the same topic, or perhaps cover it from a different angle? Have an original image or video you'd like to share?

Create an MS Excel sheet and populate it with your own ideas, or simply write it down on a piece of paper and do not throw that piece of paper away. Don't be afraid to link to another article that you did not write, to value add to your own writing and to share the good stuff. This is a great post by x3xsolxdierx3x, titled 'Top InfoBarrel Writers That Every New InfoBarrel Writer Must Subscribe to in 2012.'


5. Improve on Existing Articles

Got a better picture, weblink or product link?

In your quest to hit that 100 article mark or what may be, don't forget about the forerunners who had braved the approval process and are out there earning you Adsense income.

  • Go back and insert backlinks into existing articles
  • Make an effort to source for better pictures. Better still if they are your own.
  • Has the title of Five Easy Steps... turned into Six Solid Ways...?
  • Time to turn that average article into a Featured one?

 The list goes on.

Remember, writing is all about fun and the fun is in doing it well. See also Six Steps to Publishing Better Copy. Have fun! Because it's more than possible to be a happy writer at InfoBarrel.