Whether you're a part of a basketball team, leading a project or just want to work better with other members of your family, learning to be part of the team is an accomplishment upon itself. I keep these three rules in mind whenever I interact with anyone or any group as they have helped me get on the right path when I needed to be part of a team.

Observe the rules. There are stated rules and then there are those that are unstated rules. Your ability to understand and observe these rules will assist your ability to becoming a part of the team. An additional benefit is that other members of the team will recognize your participation and will likely follow suite. This may be your opportunity to work individually with each member of your team to gain a better perspective of their current challenges and how you can be of assistance.

Know the game plan. Having a game plan is critical in any team as it outlines the tasks, objectives, and methods through which the job at hand needs to be accomplished. Sometime at the beginning, a vision or goal was identified and your game plan would have been formulated to achieve that said vision or goal. As you execute your tasks, occasionally compare your results with the milestones that have been identified to ensure that you are on track with your particular tasks and objectives. If you are not the team lead, check-in with your team leader to ensure you are on schedule. You could take advantage of this opportunity as well by offering assistance to those in need or to even ask for assistance yourself.

Execute with precision. Understand that while many people perform their tasks efficiently, unless the results are effective, your effort could be all a waste. Recognize what needs to be done and how that job is to be executed and do so with the utmost precision. While you may benefit from completing a task, a better approach would be to begin a task with a partner so that when the task has been completed, you could easily give credit to other members of your team. Even if your team member contributed a small fraction to the completion of a task, if would best serve to you to give them more credit than you do to yourself - sincere and genuine complements will take your people skills to another level.

In conclusion, knowing the rules of the game, understanding your role in the game plan and hitting your target will start getting you some quick wins for the team. Go team!