Becoming a Pen Pal with a U.S soldier is very rewarding and a great honor . Soldiers rely on support from back home to keep their spirits up . With advancing communication technology and the internet , It has been become easier than ever to get connected with a soldier . Follow the simple steps below to get started as a pen pal today.

Things You Will Need

Pen and paper , Internet , postage stamp

Step 1

As your first step you will need to find a website that offers civilian to soldier pen pal service . A few great websites that offer such a service are and . These websites are free to use and offer pen pal connections to thousands of U.S troops .

Step 2

One you have selected the soldier you would like to be friends with , it is time to write your letter . Say whatever you want , just be careful with sarcasm and jokes as this might be misunderstood and not taken in the context you hoped for . Be sure to include a big thank you in your letter .

Step 3

If you are sending a care package along with your letter , here is a list of the most requested items by a serviceman .

1. Eye Drops
2. Toothpaste
3. Deodorant
4. Foot Powder
5. Shaving razors ( disposable
6. Nail Clippers
7. Q-Tips
8. Female Hygiene products
9. Tylenol (Individual packets)
10. Nasal Spray

Foods and sweets
1. Sugar Packets
2. Candy (Heat resistant)
3. Granola Bars
4. Protein Bars
5. Beef Jerky
6. Tuna Kits
7. Gum

1. Tapes
3. CDs
4. Prepaid Phone Cards
5.Board games
6. Playing Cards
8. Magazines

Step 4

Don't worry about sending return postage along with your letter . Servicemen can send mail to the U.S free of charge

Tips & Warnings