This article is a continuation of How to be Happy Writing for InfoBarrel: Do's because we all want to avoid the pitfalls that could hinder our fun and IB writer's income.


1. Don't sweat the small stuff too much

Adsense account not approved? Why was my article only scored at 39 points? How do I take part in InfoBarrel Monthly Contests and what's in it for me? What's the purpose of the InfoBarrel Achievements? How much money can I make in a month with x number of articles?

Try typing in your queries into this space (below) on the top right hand corner of your browser. 

How to be Happy Writing for InfoBarrel: Don'tsCredit: IB

Type in keywords such as 'InfoBarrel Achievement', 'Adsense account not approved' and 'Earnings'. The search will bring up articles other IBers have written or links to a related forum post. InfoBarrel has a good support system where people actually seek to help one another, even to make money.

2. Don't overanalyze the process

If you have signed up as a writer on IB, chances are you're hoping to earn some cash while using your expertise to help readers at the same time. Well, I'm the same way and like everyone else, I tried searching for ways to increase my income through the ads.

- How do I earn money on IB through ads?

Do check out this article titled 'Everything You Need to Know About InfoBarrel Ads' written by the IB admin as it more or less summarizes InfoBarrel revenue in general.

How to be Happy at InfoBarrel: Don'tsCredit:

- Must I use SEO like all the cool dudes?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the process of improving the quality and volume of web traffic to a website. To do this, you need to use the Google Adwords tool to extract certain keywords and phrases which would gain your article a higher ranking with the major search engines - hence, the prospect of more revenue.

This helpful article from another fellow IBer gives SEO tips for other IB writers and generously shares his own earnings report.


3. Don't compare yourself to other writers

It's easy to read the IB success stories, wonder 'How do I become like that' and start fretting at your own so-called lack of success.

Everyone has a story as to how they ended up a success (or not). It doesn't mean yours will be the same, so don't be in a hurry to churn out 100 articles a month or employ all SEO or keyword search tips (although these are important) just to be like them.

Rather than comparing yourself to other writers, enjoy the journey. Once you learn to relax, not only will the ideas flow but the income will as well. The trick is to bear in mind what's in it for the reader.

Lastly, instead of writing about something that sounds popular and cool, tell your own story. That usually works best. Even a mundane story can be captivating.

4. Don't write solely for the sake of money

 I know this is a big 'Don't' because I do this all the time, thinking: "Yippee!" when 3 cents gets added to my account and "What am I doing wrong?" when it doesn't.

Note to self: Stop checking the Earnings page every 5 minutes! Study more than you write. Nobody wants to read a list of words that add no real value to their lives, much less pay for them. I want to make every article count, because my readers' time is much too valuable to waste on articles that don't make a difference to people.

5. Don't simply write on and on, either!

This is personal, but I believe in quality over quantity. It's best to have both, but that would take time.

As a newbie at InfoBarrel, I made a lot of mistakes. Many of my drafts (especially the initial ten or so) were rejected after being submitted for 'Review and Publication'. So, I learned to hit that button with increasing reverence.  

After about a month or so, I realised that I had a tiny mental checklist how to get published faster and hopefully earn more ad income. So, I wrote How to be Happy Writing for InfoBarrel: Do's, consisting of five simple do's as opposed to the five don'ts in this article.  


Finally, after about a month of $0.o3-$0.62 a day, I got a $3.12 click on my Earnings page that sent my heart soaring. I had no idea how that happened and after checking out the article that brought home that expensive click, I still have no idea how it came about. At the end of the day, writing online is about generating great content to make the Internet a better place, which we're all still learning how to do. Also, it's better to write and make a lot of mistakes and being happy, than not to write at all.  Lastly, here is why you should choose InfoBarrel over other sites. Have a great journey on to your writer's success!