Google and PlanetYou can teach your dog just anything you want if you are a good teacher to your pet dog. Since dogs are animals that could easily understand things, you can have fun teaching them and getting a good result. Dogs do understand what you are saying, except that they cannot talk. They maybe dogs but they can easily understand you and your instructions and if you can communicate to them successfully then you can teach them just like you teach the little kids.

When your dogs are misbehaving, you can teach them to behave. Just like what I do with my dogs, Google and Planet. Google and Planet sometimes do things that make me scold them. Scolding them works. When they get my slippers and play with it, I call their names and tell them not to play with the slippers. It is not hard to talk to dogs because it is like talking to kids. Pick up the object that they have taken and show it to them, and then say what you want to say. They will listen to you if you talk to them just like how you talk to your little kids. The next time that they get your slipper and you say no, they will not pursue what they are doing but they will look at you and behave.

If you want to teach your dogs to behave, talk to them like they are your kids. Let them understand you by always talking to them. They maybe animals but they can understand you. If they are misbehaving, call their names and tell them to behave. If they have broken your flower vase because they were trying to reach something, show the broken vase and tell them that they have done something wrong. They will understand you if you explain to them that they have broken the vase because they misbehaved. The next time, when they are trying to reach something, tell them that they shouldn't do that because something will

fall down and break.

my pet dogs

I always talk to my dogs and appreciate them if they are good. One thing that I always let them understand is my appreciation when they go out and pee and at the same time move their bowels. I hug them and tell them that they are very good. If they urinate inside the house, I tell them that it is bad to urinate inside the house and point my fingers outside to tell them that they are supposed to urinate outside and not inside.

Once when I went home, I was so mad when I found out that they went inside the bedroom and messed on my bed. I called both Google and Planet and showed them what they did. I scolded them and told them that it was wrong. That was not repeated anymore even if I left them inside the house for the whole day while I was at work. It is important that your dogs understand why you are scolding them or you are appreciating them so that they will understand if they have done wrong or they have done right.

Dogs can be trained to urinate and move their bowels outside the house at the same time every day. You can teach them by setting a time for them to go out and do their thing. Every morning, you should let them go outside and urinate at the same time move their bowels. Do not let them go inside the house unless they finished what they are doing. They will get used to it and follow the schedule everyday then you will not have any problems anymore with their mess. This is one of the good ways of disciplining your dogs and teaching

them a lesson.

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It is easy to teach dogs if you know how to do it. Know how to talk to them and you can teach them anything.