Hi there.
Many of you are reading this now because you have always wanted to visit Hong Kong. It's quite easy to be a Hong Kong tourist so I'm going to show you how with this simple list! Make sure you complete each one to make yourself as touristy as possible.

1) Join a tourist bus.

Hong Kong is a very, very hot place, so if you can't stand the heat then you should book yourself onto a tourist bus straight away, particularly if you are older or feeling unwell. Tourist buses are great because they can take you around the island without the hassle of using public transport and trying to find a seat on a crowded minibus! Also, a tourist bus will take you to all the crucial places to visit right on time so you don't have to worry about missing anything on your trip!

2) Wear hats and carry little flags

If you're part of this tourist bus adventure already, make sure to wear the hats and flags so that the bus can identify you in the crowd. By wearing these touristy pieces of clothing, you will also be much adored by shopholders who will want to show you their merchandise. I find that the flag is extra handy for beating off those who get a little too persistent.

3) Visit every tourist attraction within 46 hours.

This is achievable if you have a fairly small list, but its a fun way to plan your holiday. I highly reccommend these tourist attractions:

The Peak
Repulse Bay
Clearwater Bay
IFC2 Tower
Cheung Chau
Lantau Island
Star Ferry
Bird Street

4) Spend a whole day at Ocean Park

If you are thinking no park is better than Disney land or Alton towers, you haven't been to Ocean park yet have you! Ocean park is amazing because it helps conserve wild sealife as well as offering entertainment. Although the food is only a few dollars pricier than usual, there are plenty of games and rides which everyone in the family can enjoy. If you have kids under 14, there is even a kids land for them to run around in whilst the parents enjoy themselves in a resturant.


5) Shop in local places

I highly reccomend visiting Stanley bay for a crazy shopping expedition. If you want to shop in the city without spending hundreds of dollars, then visit the two lady market streets. They are currently opposite the H & M's in Central. If you have to ask them how much an item costs, they are more likely to try to haggle for more, so bring along a Chinese companion to keep them sensible.

6) Bring phone numbers and contacts

Don't be unprepared, what if you fall sick and need to see a doctor? You should get all this prepared before you arrive in Hong Kong, you never know where misfortune happens.

7) Pack essentials

These include deoderant, hairbrushes, toothbrushes... the last thing you want to do is go trekking for miles looking for a can of deoderant spray whilst you're dripping with sweat.

8) Consider the best time of year to travel

Summer is everyone's biggest holiday, but it's not always the best to visit such a hot country like Hong Kong. If you prefer a cooler climate, then visit during the winter. It's the perfect temperature to visit Hong Kong because it's only a little chilly, instead of a blazing blizzard in Scotland. I do advise you all to avoid Autumn months because Hong Kong does not get any autumn fall, we have Evergreen tree's. The only thing we doo get in Autumn is a load of rain and typhoons.