Learning to be an organized article writer will in turn help you become an efficient article writer. Efficiency will bring more success. Success is what you want, right?

Using the methods below will get you on your way to writing more articles than you thought you could. You will stay organized and become a more efficient writer, which will allow you to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Not to mention it will improve the overall quality of your work as well.

Things You Will Need

- 3 Subject Notebook or Binder with Loose Paper and 3 Dividers

- Time

- Motivation

Step 1


The things you are going to need to become a more organized and efficient writer might cost you about $10 max. Just take a look at the box above for what you'll need. Using a 3-subject notebook would be cheaper, but I prefer a binder and loose paper with dividers so I can move the pages around without tearing them. It's all up to you what you choose to get though.

Step 2


After getting your supplies you're going to separate into 4 different sections:


-Projects and Goals



The first two sections don't need a lot of paper so if you have a 3-subject notebook you can just combine the two into one section.

Step 3


Take your binder anywhere you can. Keep it with you as much as possible. Maybe you have a laid back job and have some free time during the day, having the binder with you would come in awfully handy.

Step 4


It's easy to find yourself constantly thinking and pondering about articles throughout the day if you are a new enthusiastic writer. Now that you have your notebook with you a lot more you need to start writing every idea you have down in the "Ideas" section. Even if you're unsure if it's a good one, write it down any way. Sort through them when you have time.

Step 5


When you got yourself a nice list of ideas, go through them and pick the ones you are in the mood to write about the most. Then in your "Project Goals" section, make columns titled:

-Current Date

-Article Title

-Goal Date

-Actual Finish Date

And fill them in accordingly to whichever article you want to write next, or even a couple of them at a time. Set goals for your projects and stick to them. By having this little "Project Goals" section, it will give you more motivation to not procrastinate as much, thus becoming more efficient. It also gives you a nice feeling when you can mark down that you finished an article before your "due date".

A few options to add for columns that I like to use are check-boxes for outlines and drafts to check off upon completion. You would need to turn the paper long ways for this.

Step 6


It's a very smart idea to make a habit out of making outlines for every article. It keeps your articles organized and lets you plan out various topics and sub-topics ahead of time, which in turn will make you a better and more appealing writer. Making an outline for an average article shouldn't take you longer than about 15 minutes at most, and it's well worth it in the long run as it improves your writing skills. This could simply be something you do in your free time at work, little by little even.

Step 7


Along with making outlines, another good habit to get into is to write a draft on paper before typing it on the computer. As mentioned above, keeping your notebook with you as much as you can is important to being an efficient writer. In your free time, write a quick, rough draft of your article. It doesn't have to be pretty, but it's good to get a quick practice article before making your final draft. It provides a few benefits such as improving your overall writing skills and giving you a solid foundation to build on for your final draft.

Step 8


After making your rough draft you can get on the computer and start typing away. Since you have a nice foundation to start on, you can focus more on writing in an appealing manner for the final draft, using keywords, and giving any questionable facts a quick double-check. It also helps that it takes about half the time to type everything out since you don't have to sit there and write off the top of your head.

Step 9


You already have this binder, or notebook. You already are becoming a more organized and efficient writer. Now stick with it. Fill that notebook up. You can write a bunch of outlines all at once and it will give you more motivation to keep at it and fulfill your Project Goals obligations.

Becoming a more organized and efficient article writer is a key step to earning money. You just have to have determination and patience. Having a little library of pre-written articles should keep you busy on your writing website for quite a while, thus earning more money.

Tips & Warnings

* Write your heart out

* Don't actually write your heart out. You need your heart to stay alive. Write your appendix out instead.